Sunday, September 23, 2012

Classic Art Party {6th Birthday}

Oh Man what a week!   I'm going to backtrack to last Friday when I jumped on a jet plane to go be with my sick grandmother in Arizona.  I spent Friday-Sunday in Phoenix, and hopped back on a plane home Monday night.

Headed back to work Tuesday-Thursday and then volunteered at the school all day Friday to help with School Pictures.  Which... was a BLAST!   Loved all those kiddos cute faces and fancy outfits, and also my awesome partner in crime for the day, Krista!!

Friday night was spent preparing for the party as well as the tailgater.  Woke up Saturday, had to deliver stuff to a client, prep food for football, and then headed to the ball park at 3pm.  And was there until 1:30am!!!   Eek!

Came home, climbed into bed for a few hours, then it was up bright and early to decorate for the party I am about to show you!    How on earth did I do it?  I haven't a clue.  But I've got great support and great friends to help me every step of the way!!  Oh and I hired help with several of the birthday party decorations.  That was a blessing for sure!

Ok, now onto the amazing Art Party! 

**DISCLAIMER**  Picture Overload... continue reading at your own risk!

The party was held on my parents back patio, and using the pop up tent sides worked great to close in the space!

I hope you enjoyed the party as much a we all did!  Head on over to FACEBOOK if you want more information on the printables available for purchase.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big News {SNAP 2013}

Yep that's right!!  This blogger registered for her first ever blog conference! SNAP 2013!!  I am so excited to meet so many of my favorite bloggers, and learn all there is to know in this fast paced blog world.

It's not until April so I will do my best to keep my posts of excitement limited.... no promises! 

But the good news only gets better!  I am now a contributor on Sugar Bee Crafts.  Pinch me, because I feel like this is some sort of a dream.  I will be sharing Party related posts every third Friday of the month.  So look for me over there start on the 21st of September!  Mandy is so fun, and I will also get to meet her at SNAP 2013!  Double bonus.   

Sugar Bee Crafts: sewing, recipes, crafts, photo tips, and more!

Other news in my life and reasons for the lack of posting:

1- Children Went back to school

2- Children brought home lovely illnesses from school

3-Flew to Arizona on a whim to be with my sick Grandmother

4-4 yes 4 tailgaters in a row, every single weekend in September

5-I still have to work full time and care for my children

BLAH!  Things are somewhat back to normal, and so should the blog!!

Coming up this weekend we have one more tailgater, and then Sunday I am throwing an Art Party for my nephew.  So stay tuned for that.