Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hallway of sickness and snow!

Well well well.... today is Wednesday, and I am pretty sure I have not posted in over a week.  Luck would have it that in the past week, my son got the stomach flu, and my daughters cough that would not go away turned into pneumonia.  NOW, we are headed to the DR in about an hour, because my son now may very well have strep throat.  I am almost 100% sure he does.

So, I thought I should pop on here and post while I have a little time before his appt.

Last Thursday we had a snow day.  Now, here in Oregon, we only need about an eighth of an inch for them to close the schools, whic was the case.  Good news is that it meant a day off for the hubs and I, AND the snow is gone within a couple hours so we can actually go do things.  We both decided that day to tackle the hallway!  YAY!!

We had done the trim in our living room/dining area here, and I really wanted to continue it into the hallway.  We also really wanted to brighten up our little entry way.

This is what our hallway looked like before...

This is our entry way.  It's pretty tiny, so there is not much room to work with!

 Here is the reveal of our new trim work in the hall!  I am in absolute love with it!  It dressed i up, without making it feel cluttered.
 I also love how it is continued into the living room.  Makes for a complete design!

 I chose a light blue color for the entryway.  I love this color as well, and it makes it super bright in there!!  Again... LOVE!
 Behind the door we had previsouly installed some coat hooks.  Super easy.  I just grabbed a couple 1x4's and screwed them into the wall, and then screwed in some hooks onto the boards.  It made for a great coat rack, and of course the lower ones are for the youngsters!

 Then I used some wood buttons to cap the screw holes.
Well thats all I've got for today. I have great decorating plans for these two spaces and will be back soon with those.  As for now, I am off to the doctor and praying that  we have a healthy house soon!!


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