Thursday, May 21, 2015

April Craft Club { Pallet Fun}

This year is flying by.  It's been 6 months straight of crafting fun and it gets better every single time.
This month was all about the pallet.  Pallets are all the rage right now, so I wanted to incorporate them into craft club somehow. 
There were three crafts to choose from.  A simple handled tray, a set of chevrons or a set of arrows. 
I set the room a little different this month, which threw most ladies for a loop.  They are so used to assigned seating with their friends, but this time is was based on which craft they chose.  It was time to get to know your neighbor.
Each table had all of the supplies and tools needed to finish each project. 
As you can see in this photo, the long table was for the trays, which proved to be the favorite project of the night.
And in preparation of the big move to The Craft House, I brought out the new sign! 
I've been buying all new tools for The Craft House over the last couple months, and got to whip out these two new drills this month.  They are the perfect sized drills for beginners and a very handy tool to have on hand.
I also had a little more fun with the food this month, and somehow only got one picture of it.  But these were a big hit!
This month had such a great response that we had 2 sessions that were a few people away from being totally sold out.  It was so fun to see all of the team work as they navigated through the use of new tools.
This girl right here has a heart of GOLD!  She's the most adorable preggo mama there is, and it gets better.... she's a surrogate mama.  Truly the most amazing and selfless gift anyone could give!
 Check out all of these amazing projects! 

The morning after craft club I always get up, turn on music and pack everything away.  Not this time.... I woke up and realized I had a few left over supplies and a huge craft room all to myself.
I went to work and finished the few supplies that were left, and sold them right away!  Here is what I came up with.

I have a few of these arrows left if anyone is still interested, but everything else has sold!

I truly am so blessed with the amazing people I have in my life, and am so thankful for your support and encouragement on this journey.
I look forward to many more months of Craft Club!  If you are local to Eugene, be sure to follow me on Pinterest and Facebook for craft club details!
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cake Boss Birthday Party

 Who doesn't love the show Cake Boss on TLC?  I know my daughter is one of the biggest fans which prompted her to choose a Cake Boss themed birthday party!

This has to be one of my favorite themes to date, and I've thrown some fun parties in the past, you can check them out here.

The weekend prior to this party we threw a Glow Party for my sons 12th Birthday, so it was literally tear down his and set up hers. 

I started with a simple yet elaborate backdrop for one side of the room using plastic tablecloths strung with some twin and hung from the wall.

For $12 I had an amazing look and in less than 30 minutes!!  I will be doing this again for sure!

I had an RSVP list of 9  girls and needed to come up with a table/seating solution that would keep the whole group together.  
 I pulled 2 six foot folding tables together and covered them with 3 red plastic tablecloths to allow more coverage on the sides, and then topped it with a white round.  Who knew that the Dollar Tree sold rounds???

 Meanwhile I was working diligently on all the fun details, and you may have seen some of them if you follow me on instagram.

My amazing best friend designed this set of printables, along with the invites shown above!

I ordered plain white canvas aprons on Etsy and decided to dress them up with a little personalized name tag and pom pom fringe.  I LOVE these so much that I am planning on making up a whole set for the volunteers to wear at the school silent auction.


And of course had to make matching bakers hats!  These were purchased on Amazon and dressed up with some simple cupcake liners that I already had.

Each day of that week I would do a little more to get the party set up.  I used my red polka dot runners  for the tables and made some DIY cake stands that turned out perfect!


I used some placemats that I had in my carnival stash as their rolling mats for using fondant, and it really helped to pull the table colors together.

On the other side of the room I wanted to create a "bake shop" feel and somehow put up an awning.  I used the same method with twine and plastic tablecloths, and think it turned out fantastic.

This is where all the finished cakes would end up after they are decorated,  ready to be sent home with our guests.

I dressed up this window in the room with a garland that was used as a high chair wrap at a previous first birthday party.

Above the main table I made some fun garland to match their aprons and hung some dollar store oven mitts as the center focal point.
Now moving into the fun, messy and must haves in order to have an official Cake Boss party! 
The Cakes!!  My sweet Mom helped by baking 12 cakes at her house for me, so I only had to make 8.  But I also had to make several batches of butter cream frosting and even more batches on fondant.
This is what my kitchen looked like the night before the party.
My amazing friend Daneille came to my rescue and stayed until about 10pm to help assemble all 10 cakes, and she is officially the fondant queen!!
Once the cakes were done, we wrapped them in plastic wrap and placed them on the tables.  This was when it all started feeling ready.
After the cakes were done and set up was complete, it was bed time!!  The next morning I woke up and it was PARTY TIME!!!
Each girl was welcomed with an apron on their chair, a hat on their mat, a DIY rolling pin (closet rod) a small bowl of water for attaching fondant and the perfect mason jar for a cold beverage.
I got on my gear and greeted every one of them at the door.  So many parents loved how involved I was and came in to take pictures of all the fun.
Once all the girls had arrived we jumped right in and started decorating! 
It is safe to say that they had an absolute blast!  I took pictures of each of the girls with their cakes for our scrapbook, but for obvious reasons I am only sharing the picture of the birthday girl. 
She got a little carried away when the girls realized her cake was the one we would end up eating, and they all wanted MORE FROSTING.  This is a case where less is more. 
Once the decorating was complete, we boxed up each cake with a sweet tag and then moved onto some gold old traditional girls sleepover fun!! 

Thank you all for stopping by to see all the fun we had at this amazing party!  To see other parties I have designed you can click here.
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I hope you have a fantastic DIY day, come back soon!