Monday, May 4, 2015

Glow Party { Birthday Party for boys }

Last week my son turned 12 and we celebrated with his friends this weekend! 
My son made it very clear that he wanted a simple sleepover party with the guys, and is past the stage of wanting themed parties like Army and Star Wars we've done in the past.
Well, I threw out the idea of having a "glow" party with some black lights, and he was all over it!  He became so excited and had all these ideas of what he wanted his party to look like.
For a backdrop, we hung black plastic around our entire living room.  This is the same space that is used for Craft Club each month, so I prefer to call it my multi-purpose room.
I bought some neon yarn that we hung on the main wall as a backdrop to the food table.  It was pretty neat once the black lights were on.
I covered the food table with a black tablecloth, and hung some neon fringe yarn across the front.  The green worked really well, the orange didn't show up so well.
Moving onto the cake..... Let's just say I wont be quitting my day job.  I made this in just a couple hours and all from scratch, so I get points for effort right?  I made black marshmallow fondant and using a neon food coloring I made a thick royal icing and just drizzled it over the cake. 
The neon frosting did not glow on it's own, so I decided to add some glow stick to the top to brighten it up, and it worked!
The cake was delicious and the boys were pretty impressed with it anyways!
Quality pictures are hard o get in the black light , so I used a little backlight so you could get the idea.  Here is the food table with some normal light.

 And here it is in the black light.
In one corner of the room I brought in a table and my floor length mirror and created a glow station that was equipped with glow sticks and face paints, along with q-tips and baby wipes.  Here is a photo of the station with normal lighting.
The face paints worked so well!
This is the glow station in the black light.
And of course, what 12 year old boy doesn't want to party with his mom??  I will admit, it was pretty fun paining my face and getting decked out in glow clothes.
Moving onto the main table.  This was the best part in my opinion.  This photo was taken in the black light, before we activated the cups and utensils.  Keep in mind too, this is at 3pm so its very bright outside.
 We ordered glow cups, straws and utensils from Windy City Novelties.  When we started cracking all of those, things got real!
I used black square plates from the Dollar Tree and painted an outline around them on the black tablecloth using some neon acrylic craft paint.  I placed a leftover piece of the green yard along the middle, and used ikea frames with some personalized messages for some d├ęcor.
This picture is with normal lighting.
Here is a shot in the black light.  I absolutely love how this turned out!
The shapes all over the plastic were found at the Dollar Tree in the school supply aisle near the garage sale signs.  It was total luck that I walked by those, and really hoped they would work in the room.  Of course, they were amazing!
 These fun globes came from the Dollar Tree as well, and made the perfect orbs to hang above the tables.
 On one of the walls, I used the acrylic paint and wrote his name, and all of the boys loved that add to the party display.
I am going to leave you with a few fun pictures of the boys enjoying the fun!  One of them even came dressed in the perfect Neon KISS shirt!
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

March Craft Club

Happy Spring everyone!  Our weather here in Oregon has been beyond amazing if I do say so myself, hopefully yours is great as well.

Can you believe it is already April?  I am getting ready for my April craft club and realized I haven't done my post for March.

The inspiration for March started with a fun tutorial from Sausha over at Sweet Pickins .  You have to check it out!  Have you ever tried creating floral wood?  It is so much fun, and with all of the patterned napkins, your opportunities are endless.

I had so much fun creating the samples for this project.  A few of them were purely my own designs that I created.

My favorite part of the month is prepping for craft club. There is something about organized craft supplies that just makes my heart skip a beat!
If all of The CRAFT House renovations go as planned, we should only be holding craft club in my home for 2 more months.  My goal is to be moved in by June 1st.

As usual, here are the ladies on their way out the door.

I've added something a little more fun to my craft club posts each month, guest photo submissions.  When the ladies get their craft home and put in it's desired location, I ask them to share the photos with me, and now you!  These all turned out amazing!!

This monogram wall art was from the December craft day!

Ok, so they are all amazing.  But this one in particular is special.  As she was applying the napkins she had a few problems and started over.  Even on the second go around she had issues, so she bagged the whole napkin idea and resorted to paint.  The white paint on this old weathered board turned out amazing.  Then she added colorful clothes pins and I was in love!.
The recipes and pot holders that are clipped to the board are from her great grandma!  How sweet is this?!?  I love how it looks with all of her vintage jars!  Well done Courtney!

Thank you for stopping by!  Craft club is so much fun and has become such a passion for me.  I love getting to craft all the time and empower other women with the skills themselves!
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I hope you have a fantastic DIY day!