Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Laundry Room DIY {Progress update 1}

I am so happy to be sharing a fun update with you today on our laundry room. 
I just got back from a 5 day vacation with 4 other amazing and fun women to sunny Los Angeles California where we literally had the time of our lives.  I will share that fun with you very soon.
While I was away my amazing husband was working hard on a surprise for me when I returned.
I last left you with this post and this picture:
Like most people these days, I am in love with planked walls.  We have a couple in our home, and I wanted to change it up a bit in our laundry room. 
I scored some more free wood from the mill near my work once again and told my hubby about my wild idea.  At first he was against it, and then next moment he's in the laundry room putting it all up.

It looked pretty neat in it's natural color, however It was not the look I was going for. 
 Once the planks were installed we used our Graco paint sprayer to apply the primer on the wall and the cabinets.
It sat like this for about a week, and then mama left town!
This is what I came home to:
I am beyond thrilled with how this turned out, and was a very happy wife returning home to see this!  
He used the synthetic oil paint again to give it that hard shell finish for a longer lifetime and durability.  I have already started decorating and planning for the other side of the room, and can't wait to share the final reveal with you.
We are also in the process of getting the sink plumbed and installed.  I am still searching for the perfect faucet.
Thank you all for stopping by to see the progress that has been made on this fun laundry room!
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I hope you have a fantastic DIY day!

Friday, February 27, 2015

February Craft Club

It is that time again!  February Craft Club was a huge success.  I have had such an overwhelming response that this month I ended up doing 2 workshops in one day.  I am forever grateful for the outpouring of support from my old friends and new friends with this crafty endeavor. 
This month we built sign/wreath stands inspired by the very talented ladies over at Shanty-2-Chic!  We modified it just a tad, but you can find the full tutorial for the project here.
 Originally I was only going to allow for 16 attendees because that is the amount I can comfortably fit in the space.  In the end I had a total of 19 women attend and we built a total of 28 stands!  My sweet husband helped get all of the wood precut and I had to snap a picture of the beautiful pile!
Over the course of about a week I spent time gathering supplies and getting them all sorted and organized for the ladies.  I ended up going back to Lowes and buying them out of the finials.  Sorry to anyone else in Lane County wanting to build this!
Because we were going to be painting, sanding and building, we decided it was best to protect our new floors by laying paper down.  Smart move, all the ladies had fun and didn't have to worry about getting messy.
The first set of ladies were here from 2-4pm and there was only 6, so it was pretty quiet.  I must say it was a change from the normal craft club group, but it was a great time.
I then had the 2nd workshop from 6-8pm, which typically turns into 9pm and sometimes as late as midnight!  I love my midnight crafters!
Some of these women went wild over the thought of using power tools, and I don't blame them!  I can't wait to start incorporating more of them into my workshops!
At the end of the night, this nice gentleman (the Hubby) had to come rescue a crafter who was busy building this stand for a fellow crafter that couldn't make it. 
Of course he had a solution to her problem and was on his way!
At the end of the night it is my goal to get a picture of everyone with their completed projects although sometimes we all forget!  Here are some of them on their way out the door!
These ladies did not want to be seen in their "grubby" clothes that I had instructed them to wear.
And here are a few of the posts in their new homes.  I love when my crafters send me pictures of their crafts in use!
This month was such a success and I cannot wait to do it again in March!  I also have some VERY exciting new coming up in the next week that I am dying to share with you all.  I truly never thought I would be on this journey of crafting and friendship with such amazing support!  So thank YOU for being just that!
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I hope you have a fantastic DIY day!