Monday, June 20, 2011

Star Wars Birthday Bash!! Jedi training style!

My son Gage turned 8 this year and chose to have a Star Wars party, so we did a complete Jedi Training Academy party!


I got the invite idea from The Thriftress and LOVED how they turned out!!

Each of the kiddos got to take home a pretzel light saber that i adorned with custom tags

I also created Custom water bottle labels with a place for each "jedi" to write in their name.  It was cute, they wrote their real name, and then their "Star Wars" name!

Instead of doing traditional party favor bags, I asked my sweet crafty talented mother to help make 12 Jedi Robes that each of the boys could take home with them after the party.  And my sweet mom was AMAZING and got them all done by herself in 2 days!!  Including one big enough for my handsome Jedi Master!!

That handsome Jedi Master helped create safety light sabers using pvc pip and insulation from Home Depot, also to be given as party gifts for the boys!  These were a BIG hit!!

I wont go into full detail here, but this is the table setting before I had picked up the chairs and cupcakes......  I custom created the banner, and the wall covering is from our local party store in the "Hollywood film" section!  It was a perfect addition to the party!  It's called Starry Night.

Not the greatest pictures, but had to show you how the ships were hung above the table.

Here is my son patiently waiting for his dad to finish some last minute party decorations.....  Priceless picture!  He was
so excited for this party to start!!!

I created the cupcake picks and wrappers by using scrapbooking supplies.  For the stand, I just bought a plate and flower pot at goodwill, used E6000 to attach them together and gave them a nice metallic finish with some spray paint!



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