Tuesday, July 19, 2011

T-Shirt Refashion!

Over the last few months I haven't been able to get a ton of projects done, but I did manage to sneak in a few fun things for the kids.

Today I wanted to share a quick little t-shirt refashion that I did with the help of one of our house guests! (we've had 10, and 2 dogs over the last month)

Sadly enough I do not have a tutorial, or before pictures, but I am sure you all know what a mens t-shirt looks like.

With that said, I found a brand new New England Patriots shirt at Goodwill for $3, and knew exactly who would be the new owner of that item! Our daughters best friend (and neighbor) is a HUGE New England Fan.

Here is the dress in all it's glory!  (ignore the sass you get along with the dress)

My loverly friend took scraps of material and stitched it in a circle on the dress creating rosettes.  But before that, she tried it out on another scrap, and in the end we decided that it made an adorable headband.  SCORE!!  2 for 1 deal here folks!!  LOVE scraps!

Once this dress was complete I got the "Mom, why don't I get a new t-shirt dress?"  ok, i will admit, I did feel kind of bad.  So the next day us ladies went thrifting and I was on a mission to find a t-shirt for my daughter.  I ended up in the plus size section and scored on an old navy polo top.  Super soft, and adorable to say the least!

Here is what I did with that one!

Same ideas, different style!
I hope you enjoyed them!  They were super fun to make, and I hope to have a tutorial for you in the near future.  For now, I need to get busy getting ready for my brothers wedding (I am doing all decor, helping with flowers, and photography!)

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vintage Cupcake Birthday Party

 My daughter turned 6 on May 4th of this year and wanted to have a cupcake party!  We started along the lines of Pinkalicious, but decided that the vintage theme was more fun.  We got to go thrifting and upcycle so much more this way!

Here is the table just before all of the girls arrived:

I made each of the girls their own apron with a matching Party Hat.  The fabric flower on the hat is removable and can be used as a brooch or a hair clip, and they are still left with a nice party hat!!

Each place setting was created using a piece of Oil Cloth that I cut out using my pinking shears.  I found the little corelle plates with the perfect green trim at goodwill, along with the "G" napkins, which just so happens to be my daughters first initial!  YAY! 

I also found the little gift boxes at another thrift store
Inside each box was a scrabble tile pendant with each girls initial, and on the front was a piece of the paper that was used on the party hats.

Here is a close up of the party hat!
I used recycled pickle jars to create the candy jars!  I grabbed some spray paint, some candle holders from the dollar tree and used the trust E6000 and walla!!
For the banner, I just bought some twine by the yard, and used scrapbook paper and doille's to create the fun birthday banner!!  I LOVED the way it turned out!!

It was a picture perfect table setting!!
Simple cupcakes that the girls got to decorate!

Each girl had a different design on their apron, AND they were made from 2 fat quarters!
You cant see this real well, but I used a strand of pear beads to hang my cupcake liner garland!  I also got that at a thrift store!  And of course I created tissue pom poms to create the center!

Here is a close up of the banner!

I grabbed a boquet of flowers for the dining table, and used that place for the extras.  I actually created a place for the brothers to celebrate when they got home from golfing with Dad.

This is my birthday girl, having a good time with her girlfriends!!
Her own cupcake creation.....
And the group.  The funny thing is that half of the girls took the toppings off before eating them!
And every good cupcake needs a nice cold glass bottle of milk!  These were a HUGE hit as well.  I just used recycled starbucks bottles, added ribbon and tags!

Some chose Chocolate...................

Some chose Strawberry....................  And one thing is for sure, the girls had a BLAST!!!

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