Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Golf Themed Birthday Party

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September was a busy month around here and part of it was due to a special Birthday, and part was due to Oregon Duck football, and they both fell on the same day.

Our youngest was set on having a Golf themed party, so we made the decision to have it at our local outdoor mini golf course, which I must say is pretty cool.

Before I go into details about the party, I want to share his actual Birthday and how we made it amazing!

Every birthday in our home is celebrated with a decorated hallway when you wake up in the morning as well as listening to The New Kids on the Block rendition of Happy Birthday.

The football game was an early one, in fact we had to be at the stadium at 7am to get the tailgater set up.  So that morning the kids and I got up early had a pre-party birthday celebration and then we all headed out to the stadium.

Every game the Oregon marching band walks through the parking lot and plays at various tailgaters.  Well on this day somehow my Dad was able to arrange for them to stop by and sing Jayden Happy Birthday.

This is probably one of the most memorable tailgaters to date, and I am certain it's a Birthday this boy will never forget. Check out this video!

I mean honestly, how cool was that?  Then all he wanted for his birthday was to sit up in the skybox with his Papa, so he did just that!  And his highlight was pointing out his dad all the way across the field!

After the game the whole family went out for dinner at his favorite Mexican restaurant.

The following day was his big party.  He woke up that morning put on his Marcus Mariota Jersey (if you are not familiar with him, Google that name) and to his surprise he was playing on TV as well. This Birthday boy was happy at this point as you can imagine.

Jayden was fortunate enough to get to spend the day golfing with Marcus and other players a couple years ago.  Ever since then, Marcus became is #1 man!

Alright, onto the party that you came here for.  I knew that I couldn't do too crazy of a party at an off site location since I only had 30 minutes to get it set up.  But I knew that I wanted one main table and I wanted it to be big.

I created giant golf balls on "tees" by using Soccer horns that I found here and paper lanterns that I found here.  I spray painted the Soccer horns and then hot glued the paper lanterns to them.  You can  see in this picture that the tops didn't get covered, but from any other angle, you couldn't see that.

For the base of the tee, I used a plastic bucket , spray painted them with a brushed nickel spray paint and used a faux grass ball for the top and just drilled a hole through the center to stick the tee through.

For the table I used a indoor/outdoor turf runner that I picked up at Home Depot.  You can also find turf here on Amazon.  While at Home Depot I grabbed enough samples squares to use for coasters.

I grabbed solid colored plates, striped napkins and striped straws to create a simple place setting.  Each child got a bottle of water to take out on the course, and a cup with a straw for soda or water with their lunch.

For the other two buckets on the table I filled them with golf balls, and created a flag using a painted dowel and some printed cardstock.

The goody bags were simple.  The had a little bit of chocolate and a FREE round of mini golf at this course for a future date.

Cupcakes..... well the ones I made did NOT turn out.  So the morning on his party our local grocery store saved me with plain green frosted cupcakes.  I added these mini flags and a sixlet for a golf ball.

The venue was perfect.  We rented this space which sits just off of the main course.  The kids could come and go during the party.

The kids had so much fun golfing.  It was a gorgeous fall day here in Oregon, we couldn't have asked for better weather.


That's pretty much everything there is to share about this sweet, simple yet very fun Golf themed party!
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