Wednesday, January 13, 2016

10 Kitchen Items every AQUA lover needs to own

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Over the last year we have spent time finishing up our kitchen remodel and finally got to the fun part, filling it up with amazing accessories. 
It's no surprise that I love aqua anything.  It's one of the first colors you will see walking through my front door.

Here are a few products that I believe every aqua lover must have in their kitchen!
Everyone needs to own a stand mixer, everyone! And good news is, you can get it in pretty much any color you want!
There was that one time when our kitchen was in our living room and our toaster oven made all the difference in the world.  Plus this beauty looks like it has great 1950's charm.
Going right along with that 50's era, check out these fun salt and pepper shakers. (mint green is my second fave)

Check out this amazing bread box!  It's so big, and aqua, and cute..... put it in your cart now!
Alright, who doesn't love the owl?  He's almost to much to handle.

We all need the basics, but who says they can't add fun to your kitchen?

If you've followed me at all in the past or on Instagram, then you know I am a Fiestaware collector.  And yes, the turquoise is one of my all time favorite colors!
And last but not least.  Doing the dishes could possibly be the worst chore ever! Wash. Dry. Put away..... but with this perfectly colored drain board, imagine your Fiestaware all stacked in there, or some nice solid white dishes.  You almost wouldn't need to be in a rush to put the clean dishes away, they'd look so cute in there.

Those were my top 10 picks but with a quick search of "Aqua" on Amazon, your life could be changed forever. 
Plus, if you subscribe to prime, you'll enjoy all the free shipping you want as many times as you need to complete your collection.  Try is Free for 30-Days with the link below.

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