Thursday, February 18, 2010

Donating from your stockpile!

This my friends is how a Krazy Coupon lady donates! This is my donation to Womens Space of Lane County. There was actually 6 boxes of Easy Ups that are not shown, plus another garbage bag of items off to the right!

The whole donation ended up with a resale value of $1,500.00, which is a total tax write off for my family. Even though you are getting these items for free, you are spending the time collecting coupons, and trips to the store to get them!

My suggestion is once you have your stockpile built up, go in about once every couple of months, and decide whether you really need that much!! I had about 40 packages of Stayfree pads from various sales that I THOUGHT I could get rid of.... umm yea, after 4 months the husband said "ok, really? donate these and clear space" I do not keep ANYTHING that I do not plan on using!

Start a tote for donation items, and donate every couple months or so!! Or do what I did, I waited until the holidays and donated much more than just toiletries and food! They got games, art supplies and more!

I HIGHLY suggest donating to local food banks as well! Especially in the summer months when they have run out of all of the holiday donations!!



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