Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years GOALS!!! & a Christmas suprise!!

Is it really December 29th already??? I do not know how, but Christmas really snuck up on me this year, and I could swear it knocked me down on the way!! I had been getting ready for Christmas in October (yes I was already listening to the music then too) and somehow when December 24th came around, I was a scramblin!!! So needless to say, I don't have the fun posts of all of my Christmas goodies I made for teachers and friends and neighboors. : ( Sorry!

BUT... I do have a GOAL that you may enjoy!! My goals for 2011 include this little blog of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!!! :0 Yep, I plan on tearing more of my house apart this year, and posting every step of the way!! Starting with my little Christmas Present! So without further ado, here is a great before my present (but after our orginal re-do) picture of my fireplace...... (just ignore the Christmas eve mess)

And here is a sneek peek at my present!! My Daddy's best friend (who is a master wood worker I might add) built this for me, and did it in less than a week so that I would have it by Christmas eve to hang our stockings from. I know I know.... my heart went pitter patter for days as I awaited it's arrival!!!
It is just amazing!!! Ok, well it will be gorgeous here soon when it is installed, painted and all the other trim work is complete as well. But I couldnt wait any longer to share!!! We've lived in this house almost 5 years and every day I've looked at our fireplace and dreamed of an elegant mantle.
So on top of that beauty I have big plans for the entire room....
I am looking for an old dresser/buffet that I can refinish to my liking and use it to store kids craft stuff and DVD's and Wii games and accessories!! Here is the one I REALLY REALLY want, but am still debating, so it will probably be gone when I go back, thats just how my luck runs! What do you think??

Goodwill has it for $149, and I think it has serious potential will all of it's amazing lines, not to mention the amount of storage that thing will hold!!
Well thanks for stopping by, and I promise to be a better blog lady this coming year! So for now, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and an even happier NEW YEAR!!!!!


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