Sunday, January 2, 2011

Scrapbook room Organization! Goal #1!!


I will be the first to admit it.... I do not ever follow through with new years resolutions... so, I don't make any!! This year, I have some goals, and will faithfully try to meet them!

#1 GET ORGANIZED!! I love to organize everything, but if you walked into my house right now, you would never know! Is it the 3 Totes of Kids Christmas presents, the 2 totes of Christmas decor, the pile of stuff to take to Goodwill, or is it the pile of stuff I just bought at Goodwill????? Either way, it's not looking too good. And, to be quite honest, I have not had 4 straight days off of work in a LONG time, and I really didn't feel like spending the last day off cleaning my house... so I worked on a few goals!!

My BFF helped me make some new vinyl tags on the cricut and organize my drawer system, and tonight I got everything labeled! I am in LUUUVVEEE!!

These are all of my SEI (monthly club) sets that I am now keeping in these handy pockets:

If you look closely, you will see that I got ALL of my printed papers all organized by theme, this will make life sooo much easier!

AND..... while I was locked in my scrapbook room listening to Pandora love songs, the Hubby was inside finishing my fabulous new mantel and the kids were dragging ALL of their bedding out to build a fort!! Now I am on to clean up those messes...

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