Saturday, January 29, 2011

Furniture Grippers & Update!!

As most of you know by know, I am living the dream of a circus ring leader at this moment in life. To give you an update, we got the kitchen faucet (i bought a cheapo) installed and had water for about 10 minutes, and then we started on the shower..... So I currently have NO water at all, which means no baths, no potty and no cooking... which the cooking isn't a big deal because I still have NO stove and NO Dishwasher to wash the dishes that we can't use anyway.....

OK, enough on that rant!!

Yesterday while we patiently waited for our plumber friend to arrive I decided to get the grippers on the new furniture. 2 years ago when we refinished the original wood floors, we bought rubber bumper feet for our furniture. Over time (about 6 months) they wore down so far that the screws were exposed, and we had no idea. Until, I moved the couch to clean, and discovered this:
How sad was I?!?!?!?!? So, yes it still looks like that until we get the sander, stain, and poly out to fix it. Luckily it is hidden under the furniture......
So, now what? It is a pet peeve of mine to have the furniture moving around the room with 3 kids, ALL the time!! My best friend had the idea to use shelf liner!! Here is what you need for this project: (slurpee is optional, but a must for me!!!)
Remove the existing feet from the furniture so that you have a flat surface to adhere to
Cut your first square to fit the bottom of the foot
Sorry for the blurry pic, but then you will want to use that first square as a template for the rest. Cut all of your squares at once, it makes life easier, trust me!!
Then grab that trusty glue gun and start gluing! I did use a popsicle stick to press them down (not shown) so that I would not get as many burns.. yes I said as many.... I always burn myself!!
Walla! Here is what it looks like finished!
And here is how my furniture is placed and will now stay thanks to a best friend and a $5 roll of shelf liner!! Yea baby!!

Over time these will get dusty & dirty and will start to slide... I change mine about once a year or so. And these suckers make it hard to move the funiture, which is AWESOME in my kiddie land life!!
Thanks for stopping by! I hope to be back soon with some final updates on the circus performance!!!
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