Friday, January 28, 2011

My Life in 48 Hours

This is a post I would rather not write... but it's almost too funny not to. This will sum up the complete chaos I have lived through in the last 48 hours, and still going.....

Oh Wednesday morning, my husband got up for work to head to Eastern Oregon to pick up all of my parents furniture from their ranch home they are selling. We were very lucky and were pretty much given anything we wanted... REALLY?!?!?!?! You mean I can RE-do my living room again??? Score!

All the while, I have 3 kids who were sick for the last 2 weeks, but on Wednesday they were all back in school!! YAY!!!

So fast forward... I pick the kids up, and we have one of my daughters friends over with her mom and baby sister, and my little girl decides she wants to go in and go to sleep.. say what???? So I follow her in, and felt her head, and she had a fever of 103.7!!! Knowing that she had already been sick, I knew something was not right. I called the doc, they ran some tests and did x-rays on her chest, and we left being told that she pretty much now has the flu... oh goody, another bug to pass through the house.

Rewind a little bit.... since we were getting stuff from the ranch, we decided to swap out our stove and dishwasher.. thus leaving me with no stove or dishwasher... no big deal for one night right?? We only had a few dishes in the sink, so I thought I would just get them done by hand. Well to my suprise, THE SINK FAUCET BROKE and I flooded my whole kitchen!!!!

OK, let's show you some pictures....

Here is our old living room set-up. I did love this furniture, and it is sooo comfy, but there are a few flaws like the leather our youngest pulled off over time on the chair in the corner.....
And since I was home with my sick baby, I was able to get the room ready for the delivery of the new furniture, so this is the during picture:

And this is the new living room set!! I am in love, but I need to change out a few things, and finish my wall decor in order for it to be complete!

We also got upgraded to an AMAZING King bed set!!! This set is practically new.... our room is a little tight, but we will figure it out, and yes I know I still need to finish the crown moulding!
OK, so back to my flooded kitchen! Needless to say, I gave up on the dishes, and once my hubby got home, he was so exhausted that he was not even going to look at it. So, Thursday they moved everything in, and well.. the dishwasher is too big... This is really not a big deal at all because our whole kitchen is being torn out in a month or so..... but luck would give it to me this way of course.....

And you say we are missing a stove?? Well that would be because the pigtail does not fit the outlet?!?!

And, we have to get a whole new kitchen faucet to fix this:

I am so embarrassed to show you these pictures of our nasty 1950's kitchen, but this is my life.... We have waited 2 years to tear it out, and this is finally the year!! I cannot wait. So, we have the new faucet for the new kitchen, but I REALLY dont want to install it on the old sink... so do I buy a cheapo one, or just give in and open my new box???
Now moving on to Thursday night. Let's re-cap, I currently have No sink, No Stove and No Dishwasher.... so dinner is pretty much a given that we are eating out. At about 5 o'clock i got a call from a friend inviting us ALL out to dinner, and she had NO CLUE what was going on at our house.... I was THRILLED!!!! I told her "give me 30 minutes to get the kids cleaned up" and we will be there. We had a gorgeous day and the kids were playing out back in the dirt.. so they were filthy!!!
They all come in and get undressed, and I go to turn on the shower, and wel... YEP it's BROKEN!!!! I am not kidding... this is what it looks like at this very moment:

Now, we only have one bathroom... so... now we are down a Kitchen Sink, Stove, Dishwasher and a Shower/Bathtub!! Is this for real?
I am currently sitting here typing this not so short little blog in my jammies with crazy hair wondering if I will even shower today, and waiting for my Starbucks to be delivered... they do deliver right???
I am sure I am leaving details out, like me slipping and falling in my flooded kitchen, and then sitting in the water laughing my head off with my 7 year old son, thinking is this really my life??
So, as you see we have a pretty extensive to do list for the weekend, and I will be keeping you updated! Once these are all fixed I wil go back to the fun projects, like my new shutters for my mantle!!
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