Sunday, February 13, 2011

Craft Room update with some Thrifty Finds!

Hello Everyone!  Happy Happy Sunday.... for me this means work tomorrow, but as for today, the two older kids are off to Church, and the husband is off doing a tile job, his favor returned for the WONDERFUL man who built my Mantel that you can read about here.  So this means that I am at home with the little one for about 3 hours!!!  Amazing what time alone can do for a mom... ok well I am almost alone!

I have been doing many projects around the house and just trying to keep it clean.... hahaha..good luck right? 

I have been putting things away in my craft room and realized I have gotten some great things from the thrift store and amazing prices and I never shared them.  Thus, bringing me to this:

I found this little Pottery Barn organizer things for $4, and it was in the perfect red to match my Curious George Scrapbooking room!  I had no idea what it was originally used for, but I knew exactly what I had in mind for it!!

 Gluesticks baby!!!  And to think that is $10 worth of sticks, I have a lot more to buy before it's filled up!

Moving on to something a litle bigger!  I found these cabinets, and I bought them with the intention of putting them in my laundry room.  In the long run I did not like how they looked in their, so next place I could use storage??  Why my scrapbook room of course!  So here they are with the doors closed:

 Brace yourself!  It looks a little crazy with the doors open, but I am using these to store my Spray paints, oops paints (no gallons in here of course), sanding blocks and extra paper, glue guns, chalkboard supplies, my Your Story, and some other misc. stuff!  I love these!  and the good news?  I only paid $10 each!!! Score!!

 And lastly, I had a cheapo printer in here, and I FINALLY upgraded!  Just got it all hooked up last night, in time to print the last of our valentine goodies!! 
I will be back later today with a post about my picture wall, along with my other Valentine goodies!!



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