Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Life's big changes..... HELP!!!!!

This is not a fun post, so don't feel bad about not reading it. Just something that I want to get out of my head!!

Do you ever get the feeling as a mother that you are just stretched too thin, and too many ways?

For so long, we had a busy schedule and things always felt rushed and out of order, and for abour 2 months now things have slowed way down, to a point where I felt I could manage things better.

Our daily schedule was: (i would do all of this, the hubby works from 6am to 4pm, and sometimes later)

8:15 - Out the door, drop the 2 older kids at school
9:00 - Drop the youngest off at the sitters (she takes him to school at 1)
9:15 - Go into work
2:15 - Off of work to pick up the 2 older kids from school
2-4 - Clean house, laundry, get dinner prepared
4:00 - Pick up the youngest from pre-school (sometimes hubby would be able to do this for me)
4-8 Dinner, homework, baths, bedtime (never easy)

Until now!! My husbands co-worker up and moved to Texas with about 3 days notice, so he will now be taking over both shifts. He will come in later in the morning, but stay until late in the evening. GREAT! I will have help in the morning, BAD I will go at it alone at night.

Our new schedule has me feeling scared! Very scared! I was so used to having nights as a time to get things done around the house, and maybe even escape to my scrapbook room for a little while. I used that time to go grocery shopping, and even thrifting once in a while.. or I guess quite often.

I need help with getting my children into a routine after school since I will not have my hubby's help. I am thinking along the lines of a chore chart, but for basic tasks, such as.....

Hang Up coats and backpacks
read for 15 minutes
pick up bedrooms
brush teeth
take dirty clothes to the laundry room

And then.... how do I manage? It feels so foreign to me to think that I wont have the freedom that I am used to. I know mothers do this everyday, and in fact I idolize those of you that do. But believe me, this is sooo new to me, it's scary.

I was so used to the morning routine, and don't get me wrong, I wont miss that since I am not at all a morning person, but nights are going to be way harder.

Please please please give me any feedback, tips or links you may have as helping suggestions for my dillemas!  LOL

Ok, well thank you for letting me vent! And on a good note, my mouth is feeling much better, and we my husband finished all of the trim and paint in our living room, and I hope to post pictures soon! I also finished teacher valentines, and am now working on the packaging before I can take pictures!

See you all soon!


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