Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finally a Picture Wall!!!

I have been collecting and collecting things from thrift stores to use on my big fat bare wall! I was dying to try and get away from so much symmetry, and I have been seeing all of the wonderful picture walls pop up in blog land. I did mine a bit different, by adding all sorts of elements...

Let me take you on a little tour of the process.

My husband just finished the trim on the back wall of the living room, and gave the entire wall a fresh coat of paint.  He told me I was not allowed to touch the walls or put anything back on them!  HAHAHA Soooo.. I waited until he was at work!!  That's just how this mommy rolls!

Here is the before:

My children had some friends over on Friday for a play date, and us mom's had a play date of our own at the same time.  I was talking to their mom about how I wanted to do this to my wall, and she perked right up, and said "LET'S DO IT" !!!  I was so not prepared and had a moment of fear thinking I didn't have everything I needed.... well aparently I shop enough, and had enough stuff stashed.  So we started laying them out on the ground to get the design that we wanted!  I say WE because she was a BIG part of this whole design.  THANK YOU KRISTA!!!

 After it was all laid out, we traced the frames onto some kraft paper and taped them all to the wall.... I was in LOVE.....  This was such a big space to fill, and I really wanted something that filled the space, but wasn't too bulky... does that even make sense? Is this too bulky??  ok moving on....

At about this point my best friend Heather showed up to join in on the fun!  This picture was taken about half way through the hanging party, and we were all squealing with excitement over the results!!  LOVE!!!

This is my "Final" picture for now!  I still have a few changes that will be made, like painting some of the frames, and adding a couple more pieces (notice the paper still on there?)  I am not hooked on the gold frames, but Krista is trying to get me to keep them!  Once I get it 100% completed, I will come back with some close up photos of whats on this wall!

Thanks for stopping by!  Leave me some comment love if you have any ideas for my wall!!!

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