Thursday, March 24, 2011

Has it really been 22 DAYS?!?!?!? I have BIG plans for you!!!!

I promise, I am still around. Just drowning in the everyday life struggles with 3 kids, a husband and a full time job! haha

We are still passing every bug around through our house as if it were a hot potato. My hubby and I were so fortunate (insert sarcasm here) to get sick at the same time! He got the stomach flu and I got strep throat... needless to say, our house was neglected along with a child or two. You know I am absolutely kidding, we had some help from friends, family and neighboors. Special thanks to all of them!

At this momemt, our daughter still has an underlying cough, but better than the pneumonia she had, or the appendicitis, they were watching her for! No joke when I say we've had it all since January 1st!!

As for the rest of the house, not a whole lot has taken place in the way of work.

But, BIG NEWS!! My husband has talked me into waiting until the fall to do our kitchen remodel. So I bargained with him to get the walls and cabinets that we have painted until then. I WON!!! : ) I will post pics very soon, promise!!

I have also been sewing a TON, and I will also do posts on that.

So, coming up for the month of April will be: (this is my accountability)

1) Kitchen Mini-makeover
2) Family Command Center
3) Final pictures of the living room with trim & Fireplace
4) Craft room tour & update on final touches and additions
5) Star Wars 8th Birthday party
6) Pink Cupcake 6th Birthday Party
7) POSSIBLY some furniture re-finishing (crossing my fingers)
8) Sewing tutorials
9) Backyard OVERHAUL!!!
10) Planting our garden (tips & tricks)

Ok, so I think that is enough to keep this blog busy for a while!!

As for today, I am off on my very first all girls weekend!! I am heading up to Portland Oregon for 3 days to attend Scrapbook convention!! No kids, no husband, just the girls and LOT'S and LOT'S of scrapbooking, shopping and laughing along the way!!! I leave in 5 hours!!!

Promise I will post pictures when I return, and get started on my list of promises for you all!

Thanks so much for sticking with me!!


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