Monday, March 28, 2011

Scrapbook Convention/ Girls Weekend!!

I had such a blast! I didn't do very well taking pictures, but it was because we were having to much fun laughing and shopping!!

Convention was great. There were a ton of vendors with lot's of new products, and we even took 5 new classes. I learned that Dazzles are NOT for me! If you don't know what they are, google them. Ick!

Misty and I decided to use priceline for the first time on this trip.  I had never used it before, and was scared to do it this time.  So, I bit the bullet and offered $55 for a room near the convention center.  I GOT IT!!!  I was thrilled.  It was the Red Lion which is directly across the street from the convention center and is a 3 1/2 star hotel.  When we arrived and checked in, we grabbed the luggage cart and started loading all of our crap scrapbooking stuff. 

Here is our cart, FULLY loaded!  I only have 3 bags on there, and a pillow.  Honestly!

 And here we are, BARELY fitting in the elevator!  By this time, we were laughing so hard we could hardly contain ourselves...
Once we got into our room and got unloaded, we decided to order room service and stay in and scrapbook the night away.

Here is out quaint little room that we crowded with our tables and worked our little hearts away.

 As you may or may not notice, the room is pretty much run of the mill, and not very big.  But for $55, I was not about to complain
My goal for the weekend was to try to get as much done on my wedding album as possible.  It has only been 5 1/2 years.  Here is the first page I created, and the only page I took a picture of.

I did manage to get about 10 pages done, but I had hoped for more. 

The second night, Misty pricelined a room, and we had to move hotels.  We literally moved 2 blocks further, and up about 9 floors.  We were overlooking the river, convention center and the downtown Portland city skyline.  It was gorgeous!  I didn't get a picture of it at night, but here it is during the day.

This time we were staying at the Doubletree which is now owned by Hilton.  It was a FABULOUS hotel!!  We checked in and they gave us nice warm cookies, and when we asked for a luggage cart, this handsome man said "I would be happy to help you with that"  Ummm???  I had to ask him if he was sure.  At this point, I am dying inside of laughter, just thinking of what was about to come.

Here is what was in the car, after an entire day of shopping at the convention, on top of what we had the night before. 

This poor guy, had no idea.  I really wanted to take a picture of him pushing our cart, but I didn't want to be too obvious.  So, here is the best I could do.

Bless this man!  He was a sport, and laughed the whole way with us.  I did give him a generous tip for hauling our load!!

Here is what out new room looked like!  SO much bigger!!!  And the CRAZY thing is that she got this room for $50.  $5 less than the one I got!!  Craziness!!

 Ahhh, space!!!
 Fun touches right down to the pillows!

Sweet Dreams they were. 

We had a blast, but I had to share the funny story of our hotel adventures, and using priceline for the first time!!  I HIGHLY suggest priceline to anyone wanting to save some money on hotel rooms!!!


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