Monday, March 28, 2011

Oregon Duck Basketball and Matt Knight Arena.

Most of you know that we are HUGE Duck fans in our house!  I have grown up at these events, and continue to enjoy attending them.  My dad is a donor to the Duck Athletic Fund, which in turn means GREAT seats for us.  haha

They just had an amazing basketball facility built this year, thanks to this man here:

Mr Nike: Phil Knight himself!  The stadium is called Matthew Knight Area, in honor of his son who died in a scuba diving accident.

Here are a couple photos of the new building

Now, onto the fun part.  My parents belong to the MacArthur club, which is a private facility just off the court, where you have concessions, lounges, restrooms and the only place alcohol is allowed.  It's actually really nice being down there, I will admit.  But the best part is this:

This is what the wall looks like down there:

 YAY!!  This is my family!!  I was out of town, so sad to say I am not on there, but the  man in white in the front row, sitting next to the woman hugging the little girl... that's my Dad, and my mom and my daughter!!

Directly behind them in my hubby and my son!  This was such an exciting find for my parents.  They are forever a piece of that stadium!  And, when they were constructing the arena, certain donors got to come in and sign the "top out" beams up above before they were placed.  My dad signed his name, but my mom wrote all 5 grandkids names, so even more history for my children!!
 This picture just shows you how up front and center they are on the wall!!  Truly could not have been better!!
The Ducks are currently playing in the CBI tournament, so here are some fun pictures from the last few games.

My mom, dad and their best friends have floor seats, and this is my dad trying his hardest to get everyone to pose for me to take a picture... but that was a fail!

 Our daughter Gabi (right) and her friend (soon to be neighbor) Abi at the game!The camera men were eating them up all night, and they were constantly on the big screen.
This is the best photo I could get of them on the jumbo tron.  They were boogie'in away!!
It was so much fun with the girls, and we have another game there Wednesday, and another one if they win!!!

Proud to be a DUCK!!!


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