Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bed of Roses {Bedroom Remodel}

Roses you ask?!? Well I am from Oregon and our Ducks just won the Rose Bowl! And while the hubby was away at the game I had a wild idea to take over the bedroom!! Come along wont you?

Here are a few before pictures.  This is literally an hour after the hubby crawled out of bed to head off on his trip.  Look closely and you will see we never did finish the crown moulding in the last 5 years!

It is apparent that I have issues with letting go of furniture, so our bedroom became the dumping grounds for those pieces!

Once I got all of the furniture moved out and put in my daughters room, I was ready to go.  I had plans to place 6 inch boards horizontally along the wall my bed is up against.  I was going for a "Cape Cod / Hampton's" feel.  A little rustic with a little chic, and industrial.. I guess its my own style?

Back to the remodel... I grabbed dug through my husbands VERY messy shed to get the chalk line.  Have you ever done a string line vertically by yourself??  My toes were turning red, I looked like Rudolph and my hands were an awful shade of orange... so I had my 6 year old daughter come in and assist me!  I marked out all of the studs along the entire wall.

I slid my bed to the center of the room, because there was NO way I was moving that on my own!

My Dad has the most amazing best friend ever!  He owns a local lumber mill here in town, and has everything I will ever need!.  Did I just hear a little squeal??  He is so gracious with his lumber and always gets me anything I need, and wont let me pay him a thing.... I try, but no go.  So he loaded up his truck that morning and delivered the panels!  (we had this all worked out about a week before the hubby left)

Bob insisted that he stay and help me install the boards... so here is our progress.....

Once we finished installing the boards, I was left to finish the room on my own!  No problem!

I went straight to priming the wood.  While that dried my great friend Bonnie came over to help me with the rest of the process.  So we hung a dozen or so paint chips on the wall, called the neighbors over and came to the final wall color decision, so it was off to Home Depot!
We returned and got right to work.  Painted the wall, painted the wood white, and installed my cheap mini blinds so i could sleep in there that night.

Here is what it looked like just before i climbed into bed....

Notice I am using a step stool as my night stand.....  a must have for a blogger, gotta have a place to set my laptop....

The next morning I woke up to the brightest room ever!  I was in absolute love, and it took everything I had to not tell my hubby about the amazing change!

This was the day that the Oregon Ducks would play in the Rose bowl, and I was having everyone over for the game... so I did not get a whole lot done in the morning, and by the time the game was over it was dark and rainy outside.  So we brought the project inside....

Look at the dog in the back,  That is my moms dog, who decided it was a great idea to walk over all of my boards and track paint through my house!  Shes not the smartest dog, but we love her!

When I was at Home Depot the night before I found these light fixtures, and knew they were exactly what I wanted in my space!  Only bummer..... they are outdoor light fixtures!!  But I knew there had to be a way to work around that....

I purchased a switch box, a cord end, and then bulk yardage of light duty electrical cord.  Bonnie and I wired both of them ourselves, and to this day.... they still work!!!

Once the lights were installed, we hung the trim pieces that we painted in the living room.... this is the final reveal of the make-over!  It is a blank slate at this point, so I still have a lot of decorating to do.

Here it is with the lights turned off.

We will be painting the dresser white to match the armoire (spelling?)!

I could not be happier with the results, and most important I DID IT!!  I had a few other things I wanted to tackle in the room while he was gone, but I knew I needed to focus on the basics so he would come home to a complete project!   He LOVES it!!  I made him proud, but truthfully I think he was relieved he did not have to do it.  haha!  He loves his wife that never slows down and is always dreaming up a new project!

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