Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stocking the Playroom {PART TWO}

Welcome to PART TWO of my Playroom addition.  If you missed PART ONE, be sure to check it out!

We left off with a completed  good enough room to entertain our 3 kiddos, and our 7 little guests that arrived that very night!

That next day everyone helped haul all of the toys from the bedrooms up the stairs, while the Daddy's moved the furniture, and the Mommy's did the organizing!  We all knew in the end, it would be worth it!

Here is what we have for now.....

I have collected shelves, and bins from thrift stores over the last couple months.  I really wanted this room to just have an all over fun "clubhouse" feel.  There is not a whole ton of space, and I knew it was going to be a tight fit... these kids have WAY too many toys, and this is not even all of them!!   AHHHH!!

 Do you recognize the white box on the wall?   That is one of the TRONES shoe cabinets from Ikea, like the ones pictured below.

Well i found this white on at the local thrift store for $4.99!!  I had just the right place to use it!

I bring you the new and improved space saving Barbie Storage!!  Hello Lovely!!!  I absolutely love how it works in our space!!

You get the idea now right?

And to be fair, I want to keep it real!  This is where we left off.  No door, temporary rail is still up, and we have not finished the lower part of the garage!!  That is soon to be turned into my husbands "shop"!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out PART TWO of this fun remodel!!

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