Sunday, February 19, 2012

Play Dough Valentine's

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For the little miss we created Kool-Aid Play-Doh kits!  I used some of the pencil boxes that I picked up over the summer during the back to school sales.  They were $0.01 each!  I grabbed 30 (the limit) and knew I could use them at some point in the future!  You can grab them here on Amazon.

I created a Label using Picnik... sad to see them go!

We took little zip baggies and placed 1/2 cup flour in one, and 1/4 cup Salt in another.  Added one packet of Kool-Aid and a heart shaped cookie cutter and called it good!

The cookie cutters came with wedding invitations on Oriental Trading, but you can also find them on Amazon.

Using my Xyron machine, I created labels with the instructions that I attached to the back.  This worked so well!

  Here is the "slogan" I came up with...... cheesy I know, but this was a hard one!

The night before Valentines day I was frantically trying to get everything finished up and my sweet husband came into the kitchen, placed his hand on my shoulder and said "babe, why don't you put these valentines down, and I will go to the store and get some easier ones, you need to rest"  and of course, I said no way!  I was determined to get these puppies completed.  My daughter did help with most of them, but as usual she lost interest and moved on....

The day after Valentines Day, she came home with this note.  This is a perfect reminder why I do the holiday crafts that I do!!

This is from a little boy's mom from her class.  He is the sweetest boy ever, and is special needs.  Every time I am in the classroom, I see all of the children take to him, and treat him with such love and care.... it melts my heart.  I will admit, I shed a tear when I read this!  I also got an e-mail from another Mom about her valentine as well.  So I had a great Wednesday!!

For Gage I found an awesome Idea via Pinterest, here!  It was so simple using glow sticks and I knew he would love this!  And he did!!

They were so simple, turned out amazing and everyone loved them!!

Moving on to the next item of business.  Classroom parties!  I had to create a Tic Tac Toe game for the 3rd grade classroom.  While I was at work, I just whipped something up real quick in Excel.

If you may be wondering.... the blue and white M&M's were for my son who is no longer allowed to consume Red40 artificial coloring.  He was very happy to be different that day!

These were a big hit for the class party!
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WOW this is great, a blogger close to me!!! I love your ideas!! I am your newest follower and thanks for stopping by my blog!! Cannot wait to share more ideas with each other!!

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SO cute I am pinning this for next year!

I'd love for you to share these at our linky party.

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Absolutely adorable!! You are so creative :) Pinning this too! Thanks so much for linking up this week :)

Melissa said...

Wow! This is awesome, and a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!


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Such great ideas!! Love the Star Wars ones!! I am going to have to remember this!

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