Monday, February 6, 2012

A Moment for the Children... {update on Gage}

On February 2nd, Allen and I had the biggest meeting of the year, maybe even our lives.  It was to go over the Special Education testing results and to see what plan was going to fit our child best.

I did not sleep well the night before, and that day I felt I needed to express to all of my followers and friends (YOU!) what I was going through.  As a mom (many of you can relate) it was one of the most fearful days of my life.  Was my child different?  Did I do something wrong in raising him?  Is he not as smart as all the other kids?  Would he be made fun of?  The fear was filling my brain and it was tearing my heart into pieces. 

But, I did what I had to do.  Swallowed my pride and walked into that room filled with familiar and unfamiliar faces.  At a big conference table sat, Myself, Allen, the Special Education Coordinator (she has been my saving grace, and an amazing advocate), The Title1 reading specialist, his current teacher, the speech therapist, and the special education teacher.  The principal unfortunately could not make the meeting, however I wish she had!

I think Allen was actually more nervous that I was.  I have met with most of these ladies on previous occasions, just never for this big reason.  As we started to go over the test scores, Allen grabbed my hand under the table and squeezed it tightly.  It was then that I felt at ease.  He was there for me, and would be there no matter what was said.  I knew that already, but trust me, that hand meant the world just at that moment.

Our advocate went over many test results, one at a time.  And I kept hearing "He is above average" or "he is not in the area of concern"  As I type this post, I am fighting back the tears.  My son has been through too much this year to have results like this.  How can this be?  His teacher was SURE he had a learning disability.  As she kept going I kept hearing positive comments from the specialists in the room on his work samples.  You mean I have a "normal" 3rd grade boy?!?

The final outcome was NO our son does not qualify for special education services, and does not even come close to being below average!  And he does NOT need speech therapy.  Which, I must say, I knew.  But again, the teacher was sure he needed it.

So, now what?  Well he is still on his meds that have done great things.  However, he is still not staying focused in class.  He is full of energy,and lately has been having a few anger fits at home.  These worry me, because they have not been the normal temper tantrum.  So this Friday we go back to the pediatricians office to see if we should try another medication.  But again, this will come with horrible side effects that we must prepare ourselves for.

I feel like we are on the home stretch!!  I want to say thank you to everyone for the sweet comments,and the prayers.  They are helping me through each day.  Truly!

Now onto something else that has really been a big part of me........ 

Most of you know me as Jenn, who is addicted to blogs.  If you only know me as One Thrifty Chick, then you now know something new today!

I have been a blog follower for a few years now, and over the years I have come across some amazing people.  There are a few of them that need your prayers!

James and Kellie Staats lost their baby girl Maddie to SIDS at 4 months of age last February.  They are now expecting their precious little boy named Jackson, and will need many prayers as they reach the one year angelversary of their precious Maddie.  You can click on their names or the picture below to go to their blog. 

Next up is Kendra and Ryan Webster.  They too lost their baby girl Makenzie at 4 1/2 months due to a rare medical condition.  Kendra is pregnant again, after trying for so long, and has not been feeling well lately, and needs some prayers.  Go visit their page, oh and listen to the music she has picked for her  player.  I listen to it everyday, and it has helped me in soooo many ways!

The last one for today is the King Family.  Mom Lisa has been through so much in the last 4 months.  They lost their little boy Noah on the 8th of October to medical complications he had faced since birth.  Then on the 26th of January, Lisa lost her husband and her best friend of a sudden heart attack.  Please take the time to visit her blog and leave her some words of encouragement. 

Although I have been through my own struggles, I find it important to take time out of my day to show support of others who have been faced with their own struggles.

And to end this bittersweet blog post, here is a video with an amazing song that fits how I am feeling about my little boy right now!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hugs to you All!


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