Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Spring!! {snow??}

My husband and I dove into a very spontaneous bedroom remodel for our 8 year old on Sunday, so we've been a little busy in our very rare spare time.  I PROMISE to post pictures soon.  Or you can see sneak peeks on my Facebook page!

As for us here in Oregon, we were officially 1 day into spring and then SURPRISE!  we woke up to this:

I am one of those grown adults that still gets all giddy when I see white on the ground.  I LOVE it.. but only for a day or two.

Here are my children stationed at the kitchen sink just drooling over the white landscapes.

My kids were screaming as loud as they could "snow mom, snow" and I thought there was no way.  What is there some frost on the grass that has the snow like affect?  We heard nothing on the weather reports for snow!  But sure enough, I throw on my bathrobe, and there is was, not a dusting of snow, but almost 8 inches!!!   Record snowfall in Oregon since 1993!

I captured some pictures of that day.  The kids raced to get snow gear on, which I will add was far and few.  This mom had already started spring cleaning, and the snow gear that was getting to small was the first to hit the road!  Oops!  We made it work.  

We had so much fun playing in the snow, and then realized that since we did not know about this snow, we did not plan to be stuck at home.  So.. we packed up and went on a family hike to the grocery store, and stopped at our local Bi-Mart and grabbed a sled.

Right near our home is this footbridge that crosses the busy street.  We head there every year if we get snow.  So pretty much once a year.  Ha ha  The scenery was gorgeous.

And we start sledding!!!  That was AFTER we grabbed our Starbucks coffee.  You should also know that this blogger is a grande frapp. girl!  So there I am hiking through the freezing cold snow, with my iced coffee.  Yep, had to have it, even if it was 30 degrees out.

After sledding, and grocery shopping we headed home to find that our neighbors tree had lost a very large branch, just barely missing their fabulous white picket fence.  There were so many smaller sprays off the large limb that it had hoisted itself over the fence.  I would have been sad for them if the fence was damaged, it's one of the prettiest houses on the block!

And there you have it Spring time in Oregon!  Today is sunny, with random sprinkles and VERY high winds.  Tomorrow it could be 75 degrees out and then hail mid-day.  Gotta love Northwest weather.


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