Monday, March 5, 2012

Menu Planning {via Pinterest}

I am just going to assume that you all know what Pinterest is by now, right?  I mean all the cool kids are using it!!   I was so so so excited that as a blogger I no longer needed to bookmark everything I ever wanted to remember! 

Genius I tell you....

Ok back to the point.... Pinterest is full of amazing recipes, not to mention the very tempting photos!

I Find myself pinning more and more recipes each day.... its like they wont go away.  So I am using it to my advantage.  I am a HUGE meal planner.  I would not be able to function without a meal plan system in my home!  So why not just use Pinterest?  No need to pull out cookbooks, or try to remember where a certain recipe came from.

I simply pin any and all recipes i find to my "recipe" board.  Then every Sunday morning I create a new "Menu Board" for that week.  I label it something like "Menu Plan 3/4")  Once I have picked out 5 meals (I allow for 2 skip days) I start making my grocery shopping lists and fill out my menu plans in my home organizer.  After I get all of my shopping done, I head home and place all non-perishable items into their specific meal bins.  It is so nice to just grab the tote for that day, and not have to worry whether or not you have everything you need.

Source: via Kris on Pinterest

I mean let's be honest here... we are on pinterest everyday right?   So while I am on there I just start pinning anything that looks good and I want to try.  It saves me so much time rather than flipping through cookbooks.

If I try a recipe and I dont like it... easy, delete the pin!  I love it!!

So now I want to share with you a few of my favorite PINspired recipes!  Enjoy!  we did!!  Hey and while your at it, why not come and follow me on Pinterest too!  Pretty please?


Rustown Mom said...

I started following your recipes on Pinterest - I love finding new things to cook! I still print the ones I want to try. But I think cookbooks are becoming more and more obsolete...which is a little sad, no?

The Crossons said...

Hey Jennifer!
How about make a board for what you have made, with a little review? Like this I started following you too, and if you have made something you LOVE I'd deff make that recipe too. We eat your red velvet cupcakes all the time =D

Erin {Lavender and Lemon Drops} said...

I LOVE pinning recipes! I've separated all of my recipes into their own categorized boards. It's very helpful. I also love trying one new recipe a week.

Leslie said...

Oh girl I'm right there with you pinning recipes. I'm a new blog follower as well as a new pinterest follower.

Pink Cricut said...

Genius idea!! Love that you are trying new recipes!!

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