Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Blogging Inspiration {Links to the cool chicks}

There is so much amazing inspiration out there in the blogsphere isn't there?  I've been a blog follower for about 3 years now, and had my own blog for a little less than that.  I started my blog just as a little place to post the fun projects I had going on, and then over time it really grew on me.  I can truly say I LOVE blogging, and I love all of the blogs I follow.

I am going to share a few of my all time favorites with you, as well as a few of the local lovelies!

Beckie at Infarrantly Creative started it all for me!

 I was searching online for some hair bow holders for my daughter, and stumbled upon her tutorial.  

That was the day that forever changed the way I use the Internet.  I found a new sense of friendship and community out there in the blog world.  How had I never known about this?  Beckie has an amazing blog..... err.. actually she has 3 blogs, all of which are amazing!  Roadkill Rescue is another fave, and yes my friends and family have all heard me refer to free junk on the side of the road as roadkill.... and it all started right here! 

She also has Knock Off Decor, and the name says it all!  It's a very fun site as well.   I love a great knock off of any kind!!

Next onto a couple of my BIGGEST power tool ladies.  I have always loved playing with power tools in the past, but never like these two.  They take it to a whole new level, and the best part is that they show you how you can too.  
 I have built some of the things they have tutorials on, and now feel pretty comfortable playing with tools all on my own like a big girl.  Hahaha, had to throw that in there.

  Sandra at Sawdust and Paper Scraps has a knack for taking a home from drab to fab by building custom built In's and cabinetry!

  My favorite is her new Executive Master Bedroom closet!

  I dare you to take a look, grab a napkin to wipe up the drool....  And her craft room at her old house was amazing as well.  OK, actually everything in that house was amazing!!   

Sandra has got a tutorial for everything.  She makes this custom work look so easy too... we are getting ready to build cabinets in the workshop, so I will let you know how it goes. 

Then we have the ever so talented Ana White from the blog originally known as Knock Off Wood.

  I was a follower of Ana's when she had less than 400 followers. Now she has like... oh...  60,000 FOLLOWERS!!!  Yes I did just scream that.  Isn't that just amazing.  Well once you check out her site, you too will be amazed and will want to become her follower as well.  Her plans are so simple and she guides you along each step of the way.  My favorite project is the Farmhouse Bed collection.

  I really want to build the farmhouse bed for myself, and my kids, but so far we have only built them for the American Girl Dolls.

  Gotta start somewhere right?  I have a whole big list of stuff lined up once we complete the workshop.  Be sure and take a look at her amazing plan catalog.  You are sure to find something to build.

Now onto the Locals!  My very first local blogger that I came across is Jami from An Oregon Cottage!

  How exciting right?  She has great tips on using what you've got,  excellent recipes and very detailed garden tips!  She also posts a menu plan series that is always full of great money saving tips. She also hold a Tuesday Garden party!  

She has an adorable cottage style home too, so go check her blog out!

Another Oregon blogger whom I love to follow is Marla and Steve over at Always Nesting!  They are super local, like the next town over!  

Marla is someone who always takes the time to comment on my blog, no matter what the topic and that is something that I cherish.  So Thank you Marla!  She has got a great sense of style, and I love the way she decorates her home.  

It's got a great chic vintage feel to it.  And guess what??  She likes to watch Sister Wives too!!  Don't ask me why, but I am addicted to that show.  It's truly fascinating! 

And lastly for today's blog highlights... my real life best friend Heather!

  She just started two new blogs.  She's blogging about her weight loss journey over at From Inspiration to Transformation, and also about her teaching adventures over at Pluey's Little People.

  Be sure and stop by her blog and show her a little love.  We have all been in that "new" phase where each page visit and comment meant so much!!

That wraps it up for today!  There are SO many more that I follow, and I will do posts on each of them at some point!  Everyone has their special talents and I would love to do a feature on just that!!

Thanks for stopping by!  If you have some favorite blogs you would like to share, or even your own, leave a link in my comments.  Also if  you are in Oregon, PLEASE say hello and leave a blog link!!  I love to find local bloggers!!

Have a wonderful day!!


Megan said...

Great picks! I adore Marla, she is always so thoughtful and sweet in her comments, hearing from her always makes my day!

Jill said...

Ooh! Thanks for links to other Oregon bloggers!!! I'm in Albany and sometimes it seems like our state is very poorly represented in the blog world. I think we should do an Oregon/Willamette Valley blogger get together some time.

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