Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Evolution of the Garage {aka Man Room}

If anything in our home has changed more times than the number of years we've lived in this home, it's the Garage!

It started out like any normal garage.  Has a  big door, cement floor, and typically so much crap stuff piled in there it's now useless.  Are you with me?  OK, maybe that was just our garage.

Since we moved in 6 years ago, it has been the fore mentioned bottomless pit/laundry room, to play area, to workout room (LOVED that, but never used it... hmm imagine that) to wanna be stockpile.... then onto this:  (enter the blogging world)

This was in the front portion of the garage, and still exists.  The back half of the garage was transformed into my coupon stockpile... 

This set-up did last us a couple of years, but changed all the time with the ever growing stock.  I do miss this sometimes, but I like have the space back more than ever.  This stockpile took me a good solid 6 months to build up, and I still have laundry detergent (like 10 bottles) and I am on my last box of dishwasher tablets.  Not too bad for 2 1/2 years ago!

This past November we elected to turn the loft into a playroom, which meant doing this to the garage:

Emptied all the contents and built these:

The original plan was to use the downstairs portion of the garage as storage, but overtime the decision was made to turn it into the workshop.  

Onto one week ago, and these are our official BEFORE photos of the workshop:

Oh wow, did you manage to see that?  A big pile of junk.... useless waste of space.....  And that was after I cleaned it up... you should have seen the place.

OK, in the next photo, take a good look at that corner.  The window wall was the original home for the stockpile you saw in the previous photo.  And notice how gunky it looks.

Here it is, all ready to start construction
The space where the workbench will be in on the wall that leads to the laundry room.  The closed door you see is my scrapbook room.

To my surprise one night, I came out to find my husband working on this:

He was using the leftover wood I have from my bedroom remodel to panel the walls.  I was in LOVE and even more love that he thought to do this on his own.  This is one project that I am trying my hardest to have little say in, I mean it is the Man room!

OK, well back to the ugly corner... how in the world are you going to fix the 1950's updated horrible work done by who knows what contractor garbage that is running from wall to wall??

Easy, shim it up, and C-O-V-E-R that sucker up!!

I mean, truly.. what is that mess???  It's pretty frustrating for sure!

Here is what it looks like tonight....

Not too bad to take the space that had little hopes and dreams from this:

To this:

I can't wait to share the progress and it is completed, but he has some BIG plans now!!  Yay for an inspired hubby!!

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