Saturday, April 28, 2012

DIY Fabric Bolt {thrifty style}

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Remember that sweet little gift of organization I gave to my mom earlier this month?  Well I am here to show you how I organized all of her fabric!

 It is so simple, and hardly costs a thing.  
You will need:

Pretend I have a wonderful picture of my whole foam board.  I accidentally erased it off my camera.  But here is what it looks like:
 You can get them at the Dollar Tree, and even order them direct from DT online here.

The boards are 30" x 20", which was perfect for creating bolts to fit on my 12' shelves, or in any cubby systems.  Layout your board, and using a ruler create 6 equal squares, measuring 10" x 10".

Here is what you will get:

Then, you will want to fold your fabric into a long strip, about 10" or even 11" depending on the look you want.  I went with 11" because I did not want the board to show on the shelves.

Layout the fabric, place your foam board at one end, leaving about 3" to fold over onto the board.

Start rolling it up.

Once you get to the opposite end, you will want to fold in your piece to give it a nice finished edge, as shown below

Use 2 pins to secure the fabric, and then you are done!

It's that simple!

I hope you found this little tip helpful, it sure did save a TON of space in her sewing room, she LOVES it, and of course so do I!

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