Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flowers Flowers Everywhere

I have to throw in a totally random post here.... well because this project was a total random spur of the moment for me!

My mom called me on Tuesday to tell me that her coffee kids (you know, those barista's you become to know and love after years of service) are getting married... TOMORROW!?!?! And she wanted me to create a bouquet for the bride as a surprise.

No worries, my mom consulted with the groom, and had it all worked out.  Her favorite flower just happens to be a daffodil.  Yay!  Easy right?  Well if the floral distributor did not have any, I was going to sneak into my neighbors yard and raid her stash.... I am only kidding geesh!

 So Wednesday morning (day of the wedding if you are keeping track) I set out with my dear Krista to gather the supplies.  Luckily for us, that mean one stop.  Our local floral distributor, which I LOVE, and have now shared that love with Krista as well.  She is sold!

OK, blah blah blah.... get to the point I know I know..... 

Here is what we came up with.... this is the "approval picture" before we put on the final touches.

I was hoping to find some white and yellow daffodils, but only found yellow.  So in exchange Krista suggested placing a single white hydrangea stem in the center and build around that.  I absolutely LOVED it!!

From there we just started adding stems, some baby's breath, and some grass sprays....

Here is the finished bouquet!

What do you think?  I am not florist, although my dear cousin is, if you want her info... she's in the Portland area!  :)  OK, had to toss that in there too.  Maybe I am tired, but I feel rather spunky tonight.....

I had several leftover flowers, and just tossed them all into my white pitcher on my dining table and this is what I got..

Again, nothing nice, but it was working for me.  A bright pop of color, and some happy flowers..... done.  Well wait, I forgot and entire pile of daffodils, and they were not going to fit in there.  So I found this cute home for them...

Then today my sweet boy was playing at the neighbors house, and went flower picking in the backyard (no worries, they were wild flowers) and came in with this bouquet for me.  It was so sweet.  He knew just the place for them.

So there you have it.  A bunch of pretty flowers, and some mumble jumble from me.  But I have to say THANK YOU to Krista for the support and creative ideas for the bouquet.  After I talk to the bride, I may share the photos with you all. It was such a sweet little wedding.

Now that my house is full of flowers, I am hoping it brightens my days as we battle the dreary Oregon weather.... boo!

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