Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY Chalk Paint {Nightstand Makeover}

Are you picturing a nightstand adorned with white chalky scribbles?  Well look again, because believe it or not, Chalk Paint is NOT the same as Chalkboard paint!

"Chalk paint" is the one of the biggest raves in the blog world right now.  It creates an AMAZING finish, and is the most user friendly paint on the market.  However, it can be p-r-i-c-e-y!  And by pricey, I mean to the tune of $38 per QUART.  Not gallon folks, QUART!!  Say what?  

So whats a thrifty chick to do?  Knock Off time baby!  I looked and looked online for recipes, and this particular one seemed the easiest, plus I had everything on hand!

For this you will need:

Latex Paint (flat works best, but any will work) 
(I used a 50 cent jar of oops paint)
Baking Soda
Paint Brush
Mixing Bowl, or cup (nothing nice)

And of course, a fabulous piece of furniture to makeover.  I started with this beauty.....

She was originally picked up to be re-done to go into the Star Wars room.  I loved the legs and the fun galactic looking handle!  She had a few dings, but for $2.50 she was PERFECT!!

A while ago I stumbled across these ball feet at another thrift store for $2, and grabbed them thinking I would have a use for them some day... and look 2 years later I DO!   I knew these would help turn this nightstand into a more girly piece.

Onto the fun......

Step 1)  Mix 2 Parts paint to 1 Part baking soda.  (I used 2/3cup Paint & 1/3cup Baking Soda)

Step 2) Add about 2 tablespoons of water, and mix thoroughly until the baking soda is no longer chunky.  Add water by the tablespoon until you have a pancake batter consistency.

Step3)   PAINT!!  In no certain fashion.  I let Gabi take this over, and she loved it.  Just watch for drips, those are no fun!

This will not be something everyone does, but in order to paint the new feet, I screwed in some extra long screws laying around so that I could use them as a handle.  It worked like a charm!

Step 4) After the first coat has dried, apply a second coat.

Step 5) After the second coat has dried, lightly sand the entire piece, using 220grit sand paper.  This will ensure a smooth finish.  The paint will literally fall off like chalk.  It creates little to no mess.

Step 6)  Once you have sanded the whole piece, you may then start to distress to your liking.

Step 7)  Once you are done sanding and distressing, wipe down the entire piece to remove all dust particles.   Then using a rag apply an even coat of Minwax Paste Finishing Wax.

You can get the wax on Amazon here:

Step 8) Let the wax dry for at least 15 minutes, and then using a new rag, buff the waxed area to create the desired finish.  If you think it needs more wax, ad it at this time, and then continue to buff after another 15 minutes.

Let the piece cure for a good 24 hours before using.  

Here are some pictures of the finished product!  We LOVE it!!

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