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DIY Bath Bombs / Fizzies { Spring Eggs }

You know when you have a GREAT idea and cannot wait to share it with everyone? Then something happens (like the person you order something from, kind of fails on the shipping part) well that is me today!

I came up with this super fun idea to do for Teacher gifts, and ordered the supplies back on March 13th.  I thought for sure I would have everything in time.

I had great intentions of doing this ahead of time, so that everyone else could pin away and do these for Easter Gifts as well, but I guess better late than never.

I Ordered most of my supplies from Bramble Berry, but you can also find there here on

I have linked the best prices I found on each item.

You will need:
Essential Oil (any scent)
Mold of your choice (not the green kind either)

In a large bowl, mix together Two cups of Baking Soda, 1 Cup of Citric Acid and 1 tsp. of Bentonite Clay

 Use your hands to mix the entire time.  Next in another dish you will mix 1 Tbsp. Almond Oil with 4 to 5 drops of Food Coloring, and 5 drops of your Essential Oil .  You will want to then quickly add the wet ingredients to the dry, and mix it quickly so that you do not activate the Citric Acid.

Once it is all mixed together, you will want to mist your mixture with Witch Hazel using a spray bottle.  I got mine at the Dollar Tree.  You want to mist it slowly, mixing it constantly until you have a pie crust type substance. 

You will be able to squeeze it in your hand, and have the shape stay together.  

At this point you are ready to put the mixture into molds.  I have seen these done in so many different forms, but I chose plastic EGGS for Easter Gifts!

It is VERY important to press the mixture into your mold firmly, to assure formation.  Find a safe place to leave your bath fizzies, for at least 15 minutes, however I suggest overnight.

OK, so now onto the fun part.... the waiting game.

I had ordered cute egg cartons online on the 15th of March, and I should have had them by the 25th.  On the first I got worried and e-mailed the gal.  Well, she is in Korea?!?!  Oh great, no egg cartons for me!  She promised me she would get them to me by Easter, but I was not counting on it.

So at this point I searched and searched for others, with no luck.  These are not regular egg cartons either.  I found some clear plastic ones for pretty cheap, so I went ahead and ordered them, and paid $15 for 3 day shipping.  Hoping I would get them before Friday so I could give these as teacher gifts.

Wednesday the 4th arrived, and low and behold, my egg cartons had arrived at the post office. Good thing my mom and dad have 35 chickens and can use the other dozen I ordered as backup.  Haha

It was showtime.  We feverishly created all of the bath fizzies, so they could dry overnight.  Thursday night I had a girls night out at Glory Days for the Spring Soiree, and late that night when I got home, I started packaging eggs to be delivered early the following morning.

The eggs turned out so well, and the kids had a blast creating them.  Oh yea, the scent was Cherry Blossom which is amazing if I might add!

While at the Spring Soiree, I found this adorable "Happy Spring" ribbon, which truly saved my life! All I had to do was tie it up.  DONE!

I wrote a sweet note on the tag and called it good.  We delivered them the next morning, and everyone was so thrilled. 

It was one of our favorites yet, and I wish I could have shared this sooner.  But with the name "Spring Eggs" you can still you these for hostess gifts, or even mothers day?

So there you have my very long drawn out Spring Egg Bath Fizzies tutorial!  Happy Easter everyone! 

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