Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brick Wall Tutorial {Faux version}

Brick Wall Tutorial, straight from the Industrial dream bedroom!

I will admit, when I began this project I did not realize how popular the brick wall would be.   I don't have the most amazing photos of the process, but I do have some.  So here we go with a quick tutorial on a faux brick wall!

The #1 question has been:  Where do I buy this and what is it?

Answer: Lowes Home Improvement store, and it is a wall panel.  You will find it near the other wainscoting and other panel goods.

They come in 4ftx8ft sheets, which in our case posed this problem on a Sunday afternoon.....

Gage was not willing to leave Lowes without his wall.  So we crammed it in my small SUV, and I crouched down, and drove the 2 miles home.  It was horrible!!  I could see fine, but I felt like I was 4 feet tall.  

Thank goodness for tinted windows.... hahaha... I can only imagine what this looked like from the outside.   But do you see how thrilled he is??  He thought it was pretty funny that I had to drive this way.

Next step was to measure the wall, and make the cuts necessary to make it fit nice and snug.  For this I used my jig-saw.  About 2 cuts into it, the hubby came home, and said "here I'll do it"  -insert Tim Allen's "arh arh arh"  He was thinking he was one step ahead of my game, with his big bad guns.

Truth is, this wife got the last laugh.  Shh.. he was pretty upset so I didn't rub it in too bad.  This is what it looked like....  Oops...  I guess the Mag77 Skill Saw was too much power??  hmm... sounding more and more like Tim Allen.  Ha!

Here is what it should look like....  nice and snug!  So, I repeat, USE A JIG SAW!!!  I also used a metal cutting blade because it has finer teeth for a cleaner cut.

Once you know your pieces are going to fit, nail them up with your nail gun.  You can use liquid nails if you don't care about the horrid removal process in the future.  Just sayin'........

That's it!!  It was so simple even my husband could do it.... ok I am only kidding.  He is an AMAZING handyman, and has done so much around the house.  So I better be nice if I want him to ever do more.

After we installed the panels we went back and fixed the errors, and any seams we needed to hide by using Black latex caulking. Worked like a charm, and you can not see anything.

Around the entire brick paneling where it meets the walls we added a small corner round trim that was painted white.  It gave it the perfect finishing touch.

Brick Wall $28.00 per Sheet (we used two)
Black Caulking $4.29
Nails, Already had
Corner Round $0.32/Foot (we used 25 feet)

Total Cost :$68.29

There you have it.  Easy as pie!  If you do this in your own home, send me a link or some pictures.  I would love to see it.

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