Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sick and tired.......... of being {sick & tired)

I promise I am still here!! But my header does say it all. 


WARNING: This post will not be crafty in ANY way, and get's a little personal, so please read on at your own risk!

This is my blog right?  So I can share my feelings about what is going on and it's safe right??  right???

Only kidding, I know there are always those folks that are out there to say negative things, but truly, I am not worried, so nener nener nener come and get me!!  ;) {giggle}

Alright back to what I came for.  Over the last few years my health has seemed to head down hill. So let's take a stroll back to the beginning!

In May of 2005 I worked my buns off to lose weight before my wedding.  And I lost 70 pounds!!  All I did was ate fresh healthy foods, and moved my body more.  No gimmicks, no strict diets, just good healthy food!