Sunday, March 24, 2013

Girls Room Makeover {Chevron Walls}

 I have to be honest, I am so embarrassed to show you these before pictures.  Truly!

Over the last year my daughter has been living in what used to be a really fun little boys room. We mad the switch because her trundle bed fit better with the layout of this bedroom.  When we did the switch, things got hectic, and all we got done was spackling the massive spots on the walls... that was it.  FAIL!

So like all room makeovers, we started with our inspiration for the room.  She chose two colors from her existing bedding, and we got right to work.  I should also mention that I spring this on my husband on a Friday night...  no plans before what so ever!

 He got right to work.  So fast that I almost missed out on before pictures, so I just started snapping them at that point.

So awful looking... ick!

I sat down and created a sketch of how the chevron wall was going to be done.  There are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest, so I will skip that part.  It's truly pretty simple.

We got all of the white painted along with the aqua.  The bottom half of the aqua has some plans for board and batten.

On Saturday we taped our Chevron stripes after all other paint had plenty of time to dry.

Ok, I am going to share my tips for perfect strips.  Spend the extra money and buy frog tape, and Behr Ultra paint (only need one coat).  Then paint each strip one at a time, removing the tape while its wet.  They come out perfect every time!  

Moving on to the board and batten.  Again, head to Pinterest for a plethora of tutorials.  While Allen worked on that, I was working on some of the decor.


Here it is!  Completed by 10pm Sunday night!  Two and a half days!!!!

And the latest addition, Santa delivered the most pefect funky chandelier. It sparkles like magic!!

Thanks for stopping by!  I'd be happy to share specifics, just leave me a comment!



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