Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Bloggers Weight Loss Reality

4 months ago I started the journey of a lifetime.  As I look back I cannot believe how far I have come.  And knowing that I could have done better gives me that much more strength to move ahead and become greater.

Lets take a look back at where I started...

275 Pounds ago I was so UN-happy, sick and a total mess.  This is how I would look on any given day.  A hat to hide the hair that I didn't have the energy to fix up every morning, and a cardigan as my shield.  What was I hiding?  It's clearly not hiding the weight.
The ONLY thing I did from October through February was change my eating habits.  No fad diets, just clean and lean foods, paired with elite nutrition products from Advocare.  And as of Sunday March 3rd 2013 I am 33 pounds lighter and look a whole lot better.

Over the months of my journey I started to notice big changes in my body.  And of habit I documented them every step of the way.  It made me feel a tad vain taking so many "self-portraits" but I will be forever thankful that I have them to reflect back on.  
This was about a month and a half into my journey.  I was getting ready to take the kids to swimming and put on my workout clothes and was sooo excited to see that my love handles were headed out the door!
With each passing week my body got smaller and smaller. 

This was a HUGE milestone for me.   I was able to not only fit into my most favorite pair of jeans an entire size smaller, but NO MUFFIN TOP!!!
It is the best feeling to wake up and know you can wear anything in your closet that you want and not worry about hiding anything anymore.
Dresses even became a new favorite of mine. 

I've still got my road ahead of finishing what I have started, but more than myself I am so thrilled to have so many women (and Men) right beside me changing their own lives.   I lived in the dark and afraid of this for so long, and if I can do this, anyone can!  I have such a bigger and brighter outlook on life now and finding my purpose has been so rewarding.
I want to reach out to touch and inspire every single person that is hiding from themselves for these very reasons.  You can do this!  Make small simple changes.  Quit going to the drive through, stop going to Starbucks, switch from white bread to whole grain bread, no more soda or red bull.  These are small steps to a greater future!  Do not starve yourself or search for that miracle pill because what it takes is a greater mindset and commitment to yourself.
If you want more information on exactly what I did, I would LOVE to share, so please leave me a comment. 
I hope to have a brand new update next month with some newer photos of my progress!  So until then, get out there and make a change for yourself, your family needs you!


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