Saturday, September 21, 2013

Organizing 3 Children {sports and command center}

Hello my awesome Readers!

Today I am going to share with you a system I have created for our home in hopes of smooth sailing this school year.

As of July we now have our sweet nephew back in our home, and couldn't be happier.  With that brings one more backpack, lunch box, homework, sports schedule and the list goes on.

I was determined to find a system that would act a a glue to keep it all together, without breaking the bank!

Lets take a look!

 This is the hub!  I purchased the sheet of whiteboard from Home Depot, and cut out the calendar grids using my Cricut and black vinyl.

I wanted to have 3 months at a glance to help plan all year long.  

Each child was assigned a color.  Oldest son is blue, Daughter is red and youngest is green. 

 Now that may sound a tad institutional to many, however it is pure bliss to me!!

Each child has their own clipboard which is where we place any homework, or papers that need to be completed.  The brown (now white) clipboard is where we place any other "notes" or reference sheets for the family such as fundraisers.

They each have a hook for their backpack placed directly under their clipboard, and this has really helped cut down the backpack, coat and helmet clutter by the front door.

Each family member has their own color markers for the calendar as well.  This way I know who has practice or cheer each day along with field trips, PE and Library days, when homework is due, doctors appoints and so on.  Trust me, it works!!

Here is a more recent picture of it in full swing.  The calendar is filling up, along with their papers on their to do clipboards.

Now onto the next part of my system!

Right when you walk into our house we have our "drop zone".  A place to hang keys, drop shoes and mail.  It's always been there, however this year it got a little makeover.

The metal wall pockets have always been used for the children's homework, but this year it is for completed school work only.  Yes I am that mom who saves it all, and yes it's all nicely organized in labeled totes.

I purchased 3 Martha Stewart document boxes at Staples, and have created homework kits.  One for each child.

 Inside of each box has everything they will need to complete any homework they may have.  This was my way of creating less chaos at night when someone needs a pencil, or a pair of scissors.

 I even took it as far as getting color coded pencil grips.  My children love to use these, and this way we will always know who a stray pencil belongs to.

Down below in the baskets I have created a place for each child's sports gear.  We have two boys in soccer and our daughter is in competitive cheer.  Thus meaning we are constantly scrambling for shorts, cleats, water bottles, socks and more....

 Each drawer has everything they need.  No more searching!  And so far they have been great at coming home from practice and games and placing those items back in the basket.

And lastly I purchased the new Martha Stewart wall system to organize mail, coupons, receipts and any notes my husband and I may need. The jars that we crated at craft club are now used for glasses/sunglasses and spare change!

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of this mom's newly organized system!  Be sure to leave me some comment love!

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Creative Raisins said...

What a great system, where did you get those metal bins from ~ Lisa

Kayla Janachovsky said...

Such a good idea! Thanks for sharing on The DIY'ers!

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