Saturday, October 12, 2013

Office Makeover {Before & After}

This will be a short but fun post!  

 About 6 months ago the company that I work for (happens to be my family) moved to a brand new HUGE location.  The square footage is amazing, but let’s just say….. it needed some MAJOR TLC.

Sadly I don’t have any pictures before the crews started gutting the place.  It had awesome shag carpet, and had been vacant for over 5 years, and more recently become a homeless camp.  It was awful.  The whole place was boarded up, and there was not an inch of wiring left in the building (thank you to the crack heads for stripping the metal).

The company was going to be spending a LOT of money on the internal renovations, such as plumbing, electrical, heating, fencing, windows and a new security system.  Which meant that our office budget was going to be small.  

This meant we had to get creative.


We started out by pulling down all of the ugly ceiling tiles and replacing them with fir wood planks provided to us by a friend who owns a milling company.  FREE!

My mom and I did the entire ceiling by ourselves.  I think the crews there working, may have thought we were nuts, but we kept chugging away!


Then we picked out a basic creamy white paint from Home depot and sprayed (my mom did this part) the whole place down in a fresh white coat, using that same friends industrial paint sprayer.  

We kept the original wall paneling, and figured it would just look like wainscoting, it does and we love it to this day!


As for the flooring, we headed to Home Depot and chose a clearance flooring that would be strong enough to hold up to the construction traffic.  And we have yet to scratch any of it.


As for the furniture, we did a few DIY makeovers that I plan to share next week so be sure to come back by.  

Over time we have made several small purchases to add to the décor.  I love coming to work each day now.  It’s so bright, yet warm and inviting.


Our office is actually on the upper level of the building, and when you come up to the top of the stairs I created this Vignette just outside the office door.  I LOVE it, and that Open/Closed sign is swoon worthy!  And notice, we won the concrete in excellence award for 2011 in the State of Oregon!


That’s it for today!  We are loving the progress, and I can’t wait to share more with you as we go!!


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