Friday, September 4, 2015

Vintage Military Inspired Boys Bedroom

Welcome back for a quick, fun and cheap bedroom makeover!
My 12 year old son is very interested in everything military which is why I decided to direct his room makeover in that direction.  He's also a Nerf gun collector which tied into the military theme nicely.
We only had a couple days to do this project, and it started with his closet makeover you can see here.
For those of you that are new here, this room used to be the master bedroom up until a year ago.  So for a year this boy has been camped out in our old blue room with my white plank wall. Not the worst thing ever,  just not really his style.
The process of this project was pretty basic.  We painted three of the walls white and the plank wall a dark gray color.  On one wall I wanted to create a simple yet classic military design. 
I started with a level to mark straight lines across the whole wall.  Then using a pencil and a string I found my center point and used it as a compass to create the perfect sized circle.  I used one of my barn stars from my garden fence and traced it for the inside of the circle.
It was super simple and I did this entire wall in about 1 hour.  I used the perfect ARMY green as an accent color and then painted the center stripe the same gray used on the plank wall and ceiling trim.
For some simple artwork (I didn't have much time to pull this room together) I printed some free vintage military graphics from the internet and mod podge to mount them onto some scrap wood left over from craft club that I had painted black.
I had two matching black frames in my storage that worked perfect to surround my DIY plaques which made this a completely free design.
Hours before the kids got home I headed to Real Deals Sip and Shop event and grabbed a couple more items to finish off his space. 
I also scored this free desk on craigslist that I knew would be perfect in his room.  I planned to turn it into a night stand and take apart the broken desk part.
With just over an hour left before the kids arrived home, the room was finished! 
We added the peg board gun storage as seen all over Pinterest, and let me tell you, it's amazing!  He has a vintage military bag that will now be his laundry hamper!
 He officially has his own teen appropriate space where he can have friends over and enjoy their time in there.  His grandma and grandpa got him this fun convertible couch for his birthday that he can have his guests sleep on when they stay over.  It's been a big hit so far!

Well, there you have it!  Quick simple and almost free room makeover!  Visit here to see his 9th Birthday that was Army themed!

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