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DIY Distressed Gate Tutorial

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I am so thrilled to have you stop by and check out this fun tutorial.
It all started with a massive stockpile of free lumber I have scored over the past few months.  This particular unit of 1x4 came from my dad's best friends lumber mill.  This was all scrap that they did not need. SCORE!

I grabbed a good amount of boards and headed into the house (yes, I build inside, because the workshop is not done) and started laying out the gate.

I used 10 - 32" Boards for the base, and then measured the width and cut the top and bottom boards to fit.

Using my cordless Ryobi Airstrike stapler, I attached the top and bottom rails.

This is hands down, one of my all time favorite tools.  This is a must have and you can score it here.

I then measured vertically between the top and bottom rails, and cut 1x4's to create side rails.

Again using my Ryobi Airstrike Stapler, I attached the side rails.

This is the tricky part.  I laid a 1x4 across the entire gate, and lined up where I wanted my cross board to be positioned.  (no picture, I apologize) I marked on both edges of the board and then used a square to draw a line at the exact angle needed. 
It worked like a charm.  This is not the correct way a carpenter would do it, but in my 10 minute build it worked!

I did the same thing for the next set of cross boards.

I then threw on a quick coat of faux stain.  What's that you ask?   It's simple. Brown acrylic craft paint and a little water.  It's odorless stain and works great!

I wanted this project to move quickly, so I grabbed my craft blow dryer which sped up dry time quite a bit.

Alright, so I will admit, this is where my project took a wrong turn.   I love the chippy paint look with Vaseline.  You rub Vaseline on your board anywhere you want the paint to look chippy.  Well I wanted it to look REALLY chippy.....

Once you have the Vaseline on, paint a thick coat of paint over the entire surface. I used Behr Flat interior white paint. Notice ALL that Vaseline?  Yea..... I got carried away.

I used the dryer again to speed up project time.... I think we are at about 25 minutes at this point.


Once it dries, grab a putty knife or anything with a straight hard edge and run it along where you have placed the Vaseline.

It looks like perfect chippy wood.  I was thrilled.

Wrong.... I got so carried away that it looked like a spotted dog.  I was so bummed, but knew it was a quick free project that I could just start over if I couldn't salvage this one.  Well, I decided to just paint over it all again.

I had plans to finish it the same night I started it, but a strange and scary turn of events landed me in the ER about an hour later.  Everything is ok, and I will be fine, and boy do I have a fun ER story from my visit.
However, the next day my poor gate looked soooo sad.  So I took it out to the garage and hit it with my orbital sander and absolutely loved how it turned out.

I was ready to start over, but once I got this perfect distressed finish, I was thrilled!  I added an old rusty white gate handle and called it good.

I scored about 10 of these at an estate sale.  At the time, my husband thought I was slightly nutty, but now he loves it.

I added a boxwood wreath that I got at Real Deals here in Eugene, and was excited to bring my mantle back to life.  It's been empty for a week since I took Christmas down.

I brought my collection of white pitchers out and absolutely loved the bright crisp vignette it created.

But if you know me at all, you know I can't just leave it like that.  We have Valentines Day coming up in just over a month, so I was ready to get the mantle decorated for the occasion. 
I used some pom pom yarn and bakers twine that I had on hand and then grabbed the arrow garland from Target Dollar Spot, along with the heart doilies and arrow clips. This cost me $5 and I love it!  Simple and to the point.

I look forward to decorating my new gate for all of the holidays this year!
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