Saturday, February 20, 2010

Savvy Saturday!

My good friend Heather and I spent the day building and painting!
We started out at Bring Recyling, and picked up a couple of old bi-fold closet doors:

And Wala! After a trip to home depot, and a couple hours of building and painting, Heather has an absolutely amazing headboard! Total Spent: $15.00

I picked this beauty up on Monday at Value Village for $7, I had planned on keeping it as a wall cabinet until the last minute...

When I flipped it over on the table, i had the vision of a custom charging station. We have more than 3 electronics to charge, so the store bought ones never really work, plus this has storage for power cords, head phones, extra SD cards and more!! Total spent :$20.00

And there you have it! A super savvy saturday!!

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