Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fireplace Update & Thrifty Finds!!

My Mantel is so close to done I can taste it!!! Here is the LAST sneek peek I will be giving before it is complete! It is killing me that I have to let the paint cure before I can decorate!

AHHHH.. I could squeel so loud... it is just lovely!!

And while I was locked in my scrapbook room playing, and the hubs was working on the mantel, here is what the boys were doing......
Creating a BIG mess of laundry and blankets for me to do all week long!! Ok, not really, they were building a fort... but REALLY everything off of all 3 beds??????? ACK!
Onto a more fun note, I spent New Years Eve day thrifting with my bestest friend Heather! Her and I are addicts, and it's so hard to drive by thrift store without stopping!! However, about 2 years ago, there was NO way she would have gotten me into one of those store, let alone buy things!
I was what you would call a thrifty snob!!! LOL I liked to Garage Sale, but goodwill? Fuuuhhhgett about it!! :) She has since molded me into a seasoned thrifter, and now she can't keep me away.. buwahahahahah!

Here are some great things we found!
The little planter box was $1.50, the class dome on the stand was $5.99, the wreath inside was $2.99, the little bird house was $0.99, the two mini wreaths were $0.49, the red hook (that I LOVE) was $1.99 and then the single dome lid was $0.99, and YES I did get another one... I can't get enough of them!!

I also got this pretty little thing for $1.99, and have BIG plans for it, so keep looking for them!

And, my fave thing of the day was this nest with the egg. We stumbled upon the most amazing little shop downtown called NEST, check them out on facebook here Anywho, I picked these up for $6, and it is EXACTLY what I needed!! We will be back there soon!
And, we went back to middle school and bought best friend necklaces! We laughed so hard about it later, but really they are awesome! I dont have a picture, but they are silver chains with an angel wing. So I am the left wing and she is the right, and together we can fly to new heights! WOW! Did I just rhyme??? Cute I know!

Well thats all I've got for now! Hope you enjoyed!!
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