Monday, January 3, 2011

A Little Boy's Christmas Suprise!

I wanted to share this little video with everyone! My son's best friend moved to Montana in July of this year, and the two boys have been heartbroken ever since. Those two have a VERY special and unique friendship that a mother could never dream of. They could spend every waking moment together, and never even argue about a thing!

So on December 30th his friend came into town and suprised my son! My BFF and I left to the store to get pickles for my son, and while we were "gone" we met up with his friend and his family. We all went back to the house, and had his friend knock on the door.

Now, my hubby had a REALLY hard time getting our son to open the door, so it takes a minute, as you will see.

AND... I apologize for the horrible video! I turned my cell phone not thinking about this video being viewed on the computer!



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