Thursday, January 20, 2011

My REAL Life, REAL mess!!!

Who on earth would have thought that a Party like the one that Decorchick is hosting would be so fun and exciting to link up to?!?!?!? This is the real deal, and It is so me!! It is called Real Homes, Real Messes, Real Life!!

2 months ago, I was quizzing other moms at school, just how did they do it??? How did they keep up on laundry, dishes, a clean house, homework, kids, and a marriage?? Because I am stumped as to how people make it look so easy!! Well, It's not, and I have learned that other moms have piles of laundry, a basket of un-matches socks, dirty toilets, last nights dishes in the sink, and kids rooms that you can barely enter! Thank you Lord, I am not the only one out there!!! :)

So, here we go (as I hang my head in shame) This one isn't bad at all, but if you notice, I have only half of my valentines decor up! And in the far right..... yes that is a pumpkin...

Take a step back and to the left and it gets more fun! Dying flowers on the table, toys all on the floor, cups on the table, laundry pile on the chair, and on the far table under the lamp... that is my sock pile.

Here is a better look at the landry pile, and my new buffet from the Salvation Army. It will be re-finished, and yes the whole wall is now off-centered. That whole side of the room is in the middle of a transformation and in NO WAY will look the same in the next few weeks!!

Ahhh... a CLEAN bathroom! One point Mom, 2 points house!!

Moving on to the Boys! Oiy Vay....... Well they HAD an adorable firetruck room... and if you notice under the bed there WAS gutter book shelves, but the 4 year old got the best of them. They have lost all toys for not cleaning which is why the Ikea Trofast organizers have no totes in them!!

Now on to the girl child.... well the boys like to play.. err I mean destroy her room too. And since they have lost their toys, why not drag out all the bedding? So in her room, you have a mix of bedding and totes full of stuff blocking her whole room......

And I will admit, my room is not much better!! However, I started to take my bedding off my bed this morning, and who knows why I never finished. So, my bed is not made at all, and there is just a little bit of everything going on in our room! hahaha Ok, and we still have to finish the crown moulding, notice that??

This is the catch all of the house. This is the nook between our kitchen and the laundry room. New kitchen stuff just waiting for a remodel, girls bedding waiting for a clean room, and the wii organizer waiting to find a home on Craigslist... the rest just needs to be put away!

Ahh... heaven. Ok, well it's a messy heaven, but I can still have fun in there!! This mess was created in just 2 days.

Alrighty, so this room is clean for the most part, but if you look up top we need to finish painting....

But this is what it looked like 2 weeks ago........ I will have you know that I have caught up about 95% of our laundry!!! Go MOM!! ok, whats the score? Like 2 Mom, 10 house!!

My clean clean clean stockpile (as of last night)..... thank you hubs!!

But, who am I trying to kid?? You could hardly walk through the door.....

Let's face it, I work 5 days a week, and have 3 kids.... my house is going to be messy. When I get home at 5, the LAST thing I want to do is clean!! HOWEVER!?!?!?! My hubby has been working a lot of overtime, which means I get to leave work early to pick up the kids, thus giving me more time to clean. I plan to re-post all of this by the end of this month, and show you how CLEAN everything is!!!

I hope you enjoyed!!


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