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The Wedding of my Dreams!

UPDATE: Civic Stadium was destroyed in a fire on June 29th, 2015.  See here, how we celebrated our 10 year anniversary just 6 weeks after the tragedy.
August 13th 2005

Civic Stadium, home of the Eugene Emeralds
San Diego Padres Minor League Affilliate

I want to take you on a walk with me down memory lane.  I figured since Valentines day is right around the corner, I thought it was fitting to share this special day with my blog buddies, and to show off the fun theme!!

To give you a little history, I was born and raised a baseball fan.  It's pretty much in my blood.  So, when I met the man of my dreams I knew I wanted to say "I DO" on a baseball field, player or not. ;)

This photo was taken out of my wedding album, those are our invitations, season tickets for our wedding day, and then of course the rings....

Yours Truly:  I am wearing a custom made wedding gown.  We chose the colors to be red white and blue.  We went for the "Americas Favorite Pastime" theme.


These are my wonderful Bridesmaids.  It was so much fun that day, we spent the whole morning pampered at the salon, and then got to play out on the baseball field.  Both the home and visiting baseball teams were so kind to not practice on the day of the wedding so that we were able to do photos.  All the girls wore red except my maid of honor.  Our wedding planner did an amazing job with the red white and blue bouquets,  he is amazing!!

Here we are, all rough and tough in our dugout pose!! 

Here are 3 of the most important people in my life. Left to Right, my Daddy, me, Allen, and my Mommy!  Love them to pieces and this day would have never happened without all of their hard work!

Eh, just the siblings.  Kidding, they are great!

These are all the players from the team that were in our wedding.  I had a great picture to share,but I could not get my uploader to rotate it.  These guys formed a tunnel with their bats that my dad and I walked down the aisle under!  Simply the most amazing thing ever, and they did a great job!  

Daddy and I getting ready to take the field!

We got married about 45 minutes before the game, so the stands were filling in with spectators, and our guests are off to the right side (not shown.  It was fun to see cameras going off all over, I don't think people knew what to think of this!

 Allen and I got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.
So here is where the fun is.  Look at what our wedding planner did...... these were all over the 30! or so tables under the tents.  They are all lights that he dressed up.  The cracker jacks were handed out to the first 3,000 fans, and on the back was a cordial invitation to our wedding.  Super cute, and got the crowd involved!!
Yummy chocolate dipped strawberries, and one of our cakes. You can only see the corner?  Sorry
This is our main cake.  The ball was supposed to be suspended in air with the bats, but the 98 degree weather had other plans.... notice the melting stars?
Ok, so we had about 3,500 people at the ball park that night, and no they were not all a part of our reception.  So, we purchased about 250 of these bracelets from the Tug McGraw Foundation.   

These were all given to our guests to enter our reception park, along with a little postcard.  On that postcard was a note.  These were dedicated to one of my bridesmaids father, who also passed from Brain Cancer and played baseball for the Eugene Emeralds.  (the team who's stadium we were married at)  It had such a HUGE meaning to me, as she was my best friend growing up, and I remember going to these games with her dad like it was yesterday.  We love you Bob!

Here are some of us showing off our support for Brain Cancer.  (my cousin passed from this as well about 3 years later)
Ah, the toast to the planner who did the most!  He was and still is simply the most amazing guy a bride could ask for!!!  He did it all, and he did it more than great!!!  Love you Kev!!
 There are so many more details, you can see part of my wedding video here.  Also, be sure to check out how we spent our 10 year wedding anniversary here.

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