Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Flowers!

WOW! I am actually getting Valentines done before the 13th of February! 

I may as well admit it now, I am a procrastinator, but that is where my little blog comes in handy!  I am so excited to share these ideas, that it actually forces me to complete them on time!  So here we go.  Its a complete tutorial!

I was inspired by Scrapbooks Etc. I saw the idea on the magazine while I was in line at the grocery store.

 You will need:

Tissue Paper
Green Cardstock
2x4 (length may vary)
Green Spray Paint
3" Scallop Punch
Stamp or Stickers
Sm. Hole Punch or Crop-a-dile
Leaf Punch or Cricut/Sillhouette

Step#1- I created the leaves on my gypsy and cut them out on green cardstock using my cricut.

Step#2- I then took my 3" Scallop punch and punched out the petals,  I found it easiest to cut about12 sheets at a time.
Here is what I ended up with (about an hour later)

Step #3- For each flower I used 6 light petals and 6 dark, and then using my crop-a-dile I punched a hole.  You can use a smaller hole punch, but do not use a regular sized punch, it will be too big for the sucker sticks.
 Step #4- Punch holes in each of your leaves.


I had a hard time finding a small enough valentine saying, so I went with some sweet sayings from the $1 bins at the craft store!

Step #5- Stamp your saying on each leaf, making sure your hole is on the left side.

Step #6- Have your husband cut a 2x4 to the desired length you need, and create a template for drill holes.  My holes are 2" apart on all sides.

Step #7- Sand down the rough edges and then spray in the green you choose

Once it has dried, stick in your suckers ad WALLA!!  A not so typical Valentine treat for some sweet little suckers.....  

I absolutely love how they turned out, and hope that my tutorial helps you create these treats too!!

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