Thursday, August 25, 2011

Backpack Keychains (or backpack chains?)

Both my kiddos to back to school on the 9th of September, and I have quite a few projects lined up to complete before then.

A quick on that I completed last night was their keychains for their backpacks.

My son is going into the 3rd grade and they are required to have a flash drive/thumb drive!  When I was at staples they had a 4 Gig one on sale for $4.99, so thats what I grabbed.

But, the thing is tiny!  I am talking like the tip of my finger tiny, and this is not going to be easily kept track of.  So I thought to do this!

Please excuse the horrible orientation of these photos.... I am on the verge of tossing my computer through the window.... it's not letting me rotate!!!!

I had this cute "G" ribbon that I grabbed at convention this year, and thought it was a perfect addition to these keychains!!

Here to hoping these make it through the school year!


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