Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Are you still with me?

No joke, are you still with me??

I am the first to admit I have been a horrible blogger, but to be real with you all.... I have had my life handed to me several times over the last 6 months (more on that later), and am ready to finally take my own step and do something I LOVE to do!

I love reading everyone's comments each day, it drives me to be more creative.  So, I am setting personal goals to do a post 3 maybe 4 days a week.  Some will be crafty, and I may throw in a pity party here or there.... KIDDING! (ok just a little)

Over the summer my sister came over and needed a gift idea for a friends wedding, and she needed it in like oh..... 2 DAYS!!  That;s my sister for you.  So I put my little brain to work, and did some digging.  I wanted to create something special for the couple, but it needed to fit their outdoorsman style.

So i grabbed some old fence boards, and cut them to the size we wanted, and then split another fence board to act as the support braces for the entire piece.  When my grandparents moved into their condo, my grandfather left my husband and I all of his old coffee tins full of goodies...  let me just say... HE KEPT EVERYTHING!  There was one in there labeled "hooks", so I opened it up and literally squealed!  I had never gotten into it before, and it is now my go to place!!

After I got the hooks picked out, I cut out their last name with vinyl, and the current year (when they are getting married) and stenciled it on with some leftover primer that my hubby had in his shed.

Here is what she ended up with!

I think my sister melted a tad when she saw it, and had no idea I could whip something like this up in 30 minutes!!  She called me a couple days after the wedding to tell me that when the couple opened their gift they grabbed the phone to call her and thank her sooooo  soooooo much for the amazing gift!  They say it is their favorite and one to cherish for a lifetime!

So, I would say my job was well done!  :)

Alright my friends, I am going to run.  I have my annual ladies ornament exchange to go to tonight and I still need to wrap my ornaments that I made (pictures to show you soon)

I cannot wait to share with you everything we have had going on.  Some GREAT news, and some just plain news... but coming up tomorrow is my Vintage Christmas Mantel with my Ballard Design knock-off stockings!

Thanks for coming by!

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Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

LOVE the sign!!! And so glad you are back!

Lou Cinda

kayla said...

Welcome back!! That sign turned out really nice, especially given the short amount of time you had to make it! Love it!

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