Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Star Wars inspired dresser re-fab!

This is going to be a quick post, because I was a HORRIBLE blogger and forgot my before pictures!?!?!

I haven't a clue what on earth I was thinking....

So picture the brightest blue paint that you can imagine, and thats what color this dresser was!  My best friend and I were out yard saling she spotted this baby for $20!

She knew I had been looking for the perfect one for the boys, and she thought the handles were perfect for the Star wars themed bedroom we are working on!

They are PERFECT to say the least!   The little ones on top were actually purchsed, because it was missing 2 of the original knobs. 

It just screams galactic space travels!

We used Behr premium paint, and took some advice on rolling it on, and let me tell you.... WE SPRAY from now on!!  : )

Here is the dresser once we placed it in the boys room!

I have a bunch more furniture to paint, and are hoping to get a few pieces completed this weekend!

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