Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Updates & whats to come!

Just when I truly thought things could not get worse in our home.... they did!!!

If you remember back to the Mayhem in January, then onto a little one ending up in the hospital for a week.  I had a REALLY tough time, and our savings account (Thankfully we had one) was rapidly draining by the day....

We survivedall of that, and have hit a few more little bumps along the way, like our washer breaking AGAIN, our hose spicot leaking, and needed to be replaced, which led us to a disaster (to be continued in its own post), then losing the diamond out of my wedding ring (found, and fixed), our lawnmower had to be repaired, and then the newest thing is this:

Yes that is my poor baby boy kitty that was chased by something, and got caught up and tore through his skin and muscle down to the bone. 

When we first saw it, it looked like this:

Not too bad.  Looked like a scratch that was healing nicely.  However  that was not the case.  The following night, we took a peek at it, and it was completely ripped open.  So off to the emergency vet we go, and the following morning I picked him up and handed over $455!  I can afford that right?!?!?!?  I keep trying to convince my husband that!

Ironically this cat's name is Cash.  He was given this name when he was a kitten due to an emergency vet visit, costing us $300.  So it was only fitting that he be the cat this happens to.

We have to keep him indoors (he is not happy about that) for 10 days, and in between that time have his drains removed and then have his stitches removed.  He gets meds twice a day, and we have to hold a warm compress on the wound 3 times a day to help it drain.

On a good note!  I have started a ladies financial/money saving group, and am now back on Dave Ramsey's budget system, and could not have chosen a better time to start!

I have sooo many little posts that I will get all lined up today, and start sharing them with you tomorrow!!

There are some turtorials, as well as some fun handmade gifts, furniture re-vamps, and a wedding done by me and my Mom!


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