Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Come One Come All......

The circus has come to town!

I am sure you were waiting on the mantel reveal, but I am sad to report that I have not finished the last 2 stockings, so maybe tomorrow!  But for today I am soooo excited to show you one of the most fun parties to date!!

Before we get started I want to point out this amazing carnival party pack I found on Amazon.  It has all of the paper goods you need for this party!

My Special nephew turned 5 in September, and he told me many months before that he really wanted a circus/carnival party!   HELOOO???  I was thrilled.  I love the red and teal color combo, and set out to find cute fabrics for the banner and found these......

This set the tone for the entire event!!!  Gotta have that starting point right?

I had this fabulous idea to build some backdrops for each of the games. 

My hubby was so nice to whip these babies together for me,  then using some white mesh fabric i picked up at Goodwill I stapled them to the entire frame. 

I grabbed some bulletin board Red Borders that I grabbed on Amazon to give it that nice finished look.

I also knew I wanted to do a photo booth.  Who goes to the carnival and doesnt go to the photobooth anyway?? 
 found some simple red and white polka dot fabric at Joann's and grabbed some frames at the thrift store, painted them aqua and had this going for the photo booth inspiration.....

We are lucking enough to have a commercial pop corn machine at our office, so I was able to use that for the party as well, and it even came with these cute cute bags.....

Now let's go on a tour of the party!  Most things are pretty self explanatory, but PLEASE if you want more info on how I did something or where I got an item, leave me a comment and I will let you know!!

We had the party at my mom and dads farm house and had amazing weather! It was about 75, with a nice breeze.  Well that breeze was kind of a pain with the balloons... but ohwell!





Delicious food was a plenty!!  My best friend made fresh elephant ears, and my hubby made homemade hand dipped corn dogs, all to go with the classics like Popcorn, Peanuts and cotton candy!

We had too much fun in the photo booth!  Here I am with my oldest son!

Here is the sweet birthday boy, being VERY shy in front of all his friends!

And last but not least... the sweet little parting gift.... ANIMAL CRACKERS!!!  Plus they all left with a sugar high and gobs of game prizes, and amazing memories!!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out this fun event!

I have thrown 2 more carnival parties that you can see Here and Here.  Also, don't forget to check out this Outside the Box Papers Ultimate Carnival Party Pack , it's everything you need for your own carnival party or event!

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