Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Thrifted Christmas......

 This year I wanted to do something completely out of the ordinary for Christmas, I wanted a very vintage/thrifted Christmas!  Everything I am about to show you either came from an antique shop, or thrift store!  (included in there are handmade vendors inside antique malls)

*NOTE* The pictures are not very good quality, I had to take them at night and with my iphone..... continue at your own risk.

Here is our giant mantel with the oh so beautiful thing we call the tube....  I am doing all I can to work with what I've got!

 Another view....

Some piano player music (am i saying that right)  Only $5 for the roll, and it is so perfect!

This metal star garland almost reminds me of cookie cutters.... maybe an idea??

I was wandering around Goodwill, and happened upon a bag full of wooden spools, some new, some old, but ALL of them for $0.99!  Hello, who could resist?  Plus I will use them at a later date for some sewing room decor, SCORE!
  I just put them in the dome, and added some battery operated lights from Ikea......

Do you kind of see a theme?  Vintage/seamstress???

Another dome, this one has music paper shreds, silver vintage ornaments, and silver pinecones, also lit up with lights!  I added some old skeleton keys for the extra ahh!

A close up of the burlap rosette I made for my wreath.....

I should note that once I finish our stockings, this wreath will have to move!  I will have those finished when I take the pictures of my Christmas tree!

here is the wreath I made....

I grabbed two of these buckets at a local vintage shop in Shedd Oregon!  They are called Christmas at the Shed, and the place was UHMAZING!  I want to say local, but it's about a 45 minute drive for me!  But well worth it, and I cannot wait to back next year!

Here are a couple more mantel shots...


 And just before you go... here is a sneak peek of the tree... I am planning on getting that post up tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by!

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